Selling Tempa Season 2: Rena Pregnant With Her Fifth Child! What’s Awaiting For Upcoming Season?

Real Estate has grown to be quite a genre in itself for the past few years. Netflix’s successor to Selling Sunsets, titled Selling Tempa, is yet another fantastic addition to the streaming services’ ever-growing reality portfolio. The first season was released in December 2021. And since then fans couldn’t stop thinking about when the show will be back for Selling Tempa Season 2.

When Is Selling Tempa Season 2 Coming?

Selling Tampa Season 2

All the episodes of the first season of Selling Tempa landed on Netflix on December 15, 2022. And as we talk about Selling Tempa Season 2, Netflix has not greenlit the second season as of now. But fans shouldn’t be worried as the show has capitalized on the massive fanbase created by Selling Sunsets as the first season has been doing quite well in terms of viewership number. Thus, the chances of Netflix renewing the series for Selling Tempa Season 2 are very high. So, all fans have to do for now is sit tight and be a little patient.

Why Fans Love Love Rena Frazier?

Rena was one of the few persons on the first season of Selling Tampa who spoke out against Sharelle’s intentions for larger commission splits. She also recently announced that she is expecting her fifth child, which has piqued the interest of her admirers as she prepares for the birth of her child.

Rena is the best because she understands her value and understands that attempting to sell property is not the same as really selling them. She is well-liked since she is someone who follows through on her plans. It is because of all the things mentioned above fans adore Rena’s character so much, and some even say she is the best character in the entire series.

Why Was Alexis Fired From her Job?

Selling Tampa Season 2

Fans who watched the whole first season of Selling Tampa were not surprised to see Alexis Williams, one of Allure’s senior agents, leave after repeatedly fumbling her showings when Sharelle demanded the best from her. Despite the fact that other agents came in to help, Alexis knew she was on slippery ice. Her dismissal rates well ahead of some of the most intense instances on Selling Sunset.

Alexis believes she messed up in retrospect because she struggled to establish a work/life balance, according to Distractify. At this time, there are no plans for her to return to Allure. Before she considers returning, it’s evident that she needs some time to figure herself out.

Rena Frazier Pregnant With Fifth Baby!

There is some good news for all the Rena Frazier Fans out there as she is set to welcome her fifth child into the family. Rena Frazier took to Instagram to share this overwhelming news she is expecting her fifth child. Since finishing shooting the first season of Selling Tampa, the real estate tycoon has been very occupied by other ventures in her life. Rena stood out as the only Elegance Realty professional who stood up to Sharelle Rosado during the first season.

 Following Sharelle’s recent birth of her daughter with Chad Johnson, Rena appears to be on the verge of giving birth to her own child. Rena recently announced her fifth pregnancy on Instagram. Rena published photos of her fifth “and final” baby while posing with three of her three daughters and her spouse.

“We are ecstatic to be expecting a baby boy in June,” said the couple. She captioned the picture as “Making room for our fifth (and final 😅) addition to the bunch ❤️👶🏽We are overjoyed to be welcoming a baby boy in June. This pregnancy has been different in so many ways.” Fans have been flooding the comment section with well wishes and congratulations for the family, and we can’t be happier for Rena. We may see Rena’s baby in Selling Tempa Season 2.

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