May 30, 2024
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Blackish Season 8 Episode 10 Sneak Peek: Discrimination And Ghosting In School! Know Release Date

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10 is all set to hit your world differently. Well, the series itself deals with several themes related to society and discrimination, and it seems like it will once again bring the same topic to your plate. Dre and Bow’s talented son Devante will deal with some problems in the upcoming episode.


And being his parents, they will do something to encourage him. Will it work? Further, Devante isn’t a child anymore, so he might take some action that might affect him only. Keep reading to know more.

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10 is titled “Young, Gifted and Black.” Kenya Barris wrote it while Pete Chatmon directed it. The upcoming episode will start with the aftermath of the previous episode. Dre will be happy after receiving an award for his ad. However, things will change soon. Shortly Dre and Bow will find a mysterious note related to Devante. It will be the first time they will receive a note from Devante.

It isn’t a complaint note so that you can breathe a sigh of relief. They will learn that perhaps Devante is falling behind at his private school. Well, it is something they expected. This is because Devante is the only black student in his class full of white students. Meanwhile, Diane and Jack will volunteer Charlie to cheer up Junior. Will it be helpful? Only time will tell.

Dre And Bow’s Next Step

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10

Well, Dre and Bow weren’t ready to learn that their child had faced discrimination at his school. Devante is such a talented child; instead of focusing on his talents, the school children, including the teacher, have dealt with him differently. However, Dre and Bow won’t stay mum. They will come up with a plan to teach everyone a lesson. Meanwhile, their priority would be dealing with their child.

They develop a plan to tell him how beautiful and gifted he is. We can also expect a musical episode in the upcoming episode. In Blackish Season 8 Episode 10, Dre and Bow will perform a song to tell their children about his importance. Meanwhile, Jack and Danie will also plan something. The couple will do their best to help their sibling. But is this the right decision? Only time will tell.

A Quick Recap!

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10

Blackish Season 8 Episode 9, titled “And The Winner Is,” Stacey Muhammad directed it while Graham Towers and Ben Deeb wrote it. Dre appeared waiting for the Ad World Awards Nominations announcement in the previous episode. He finally received the first noms and appeared waiting to walk on the red carpet with his wife. However, one of his friends told him that his chances are low to win an award. It seems like a girl with a talking horse will win. At first, Dre believed in himself, but he lost his hope after watching the girl taking the awards one after the other.

But he remained surprised to hear that his ad won the award. It was an emotional moment for him. Following receiving the award, he decided to work hard and come up with more creative stories. But when he returned home and saw his kid playing piano, he appeared surprised after seeing this. This is because he doesn’t know his child could play an instrument. But later, his wife told him he’s the best father, and he shouldn’t stop working hard.

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10: When Will It Return?

Blackish Season 8 Episode 10, titled “Young, Gifted and Black,” will return tonight on your screens. It will air on Tuesday, March 29, 2022, at 9 pm ET only on ABC. The new episodes will release every Tuesday on ABC. You can also watch Blackish on ABC’s official website or app. Further, live-streamers can stream the show on Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, Vudu, iTunes, and Microsoft. Stay tuned, and don’t miss it.

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