Minecraft Feather Falling

What Is Minecraft Feather Falling Enchantment? How To Get It?

When we talk about the most influential games in the 2010s decade, Minecraft will certainly be on the list and may even top the chart. Created by Mojang, the game has been making players crazy ever since its debut in 2009. Anyone who has played Minecraft knows how difficult it is to save ourselves from the falling damage. That’s exactly where Minecraft’s Feather Falling Enchantment comes to play. And here we have brought all the details you need to know about it.

What Is Feather Falling Enchantment In Minecraft?

The Feather Falling Enchantment is a unique one that can provide a huge and unique boost to the player if they fall from a tremendous height. Even if you have Feather Falling, you should still be cautious. The Feather Falling shields players from some damage. It does not mean that the player will not endure any harm while jumping from a great height. Therefore, players should refrain from jumping off sky bases unless they have the highest level of enchantment on them. Even then, they might endure some degree of damage.

Feather Falling

On each level of enchantment, Feather Falling decreases the rate of harm a player absorbs by 12%. This indicates that the enchantment can lower a player’s fall damage by up to 48%. The Feather Falling enchantment may only be applied on boots and is quite useful for players planning to mine in high places. Feather Falling also lessens the amount of damage that ender pearl transportations deal. Ender pearls are teleportation objects dropped by endermen. 

In the game, an enchanted boot will aid you in surviving for a long period. With the help of this enchantment, you will be able to combat your opponents considerably more effectively. The Feather Falling IV enchantment boosts the resilience of your Minecraft boots, allowing them to last a little further in your playtime.

How To Obtain Minecraft Feather Falling?

Minecraft Feather Falling

Since the Feather Falling is a non-treasure enchantment, it can be discovered on the Enchanting Table. There is no doubt that Feather Falling Enchantment is one of the hardest objects to find in the Minecraft game. It’s a little challenging to get this enchantment for your tools. Feather Falling is a game command that can be acquired from a Minecraft enchantment table, anvil, or game command.

Players should put as many bookcases as possible around the enchantment table to maximize their odds of acquiring Feather Falling. This enchantment can also be obtained through trading with Minecraft villagers. This enchantment will only be offered to them by Minecraft villagers. They’ll have to take some commonplace goods from your inventory.

Does Feather Falling Reduce Kinetic Damage?

Minecraft Feather Falling

Kinetic damage is a type of crevasse in Minecraft that happens when a player crashes with a wall or offloads pieces. In Minecraft, you must utilize your magical helmet if you want to survive longer. Helmets with kinetic protection can help you save your life. They also improve the speed with which you can play Minecraft. It’s the most effective approach to strengthen your footholds in the Minecraft gaming universe.

When you add the Feather Falling enchantment to your helmet, it lowers kinetic damage. This enchantment can be placed on a helmet in Minecraft to mitigate kinetic damage to a certain extent. You will not die any sooner in your gaming environment if you do it this way.

How To Bred Horses Without Mods!

Fans of Minecraft can choose from a large number of mods that can be used for nearly any purpose. Most builders use alternate construction tools, texture packs, and lighting engines to bring their visions to reality. In the unaltered version of Minecraft, players can now utilize a technique to breed horses with everlasting pace and jump enhancements.

Minecraft horses: how to tame a horse in Minecraft | PCGamesN

A Potion of Swiftness or a Potion of Leaping is all that is required. If a player uses the potions on two distinct horses and then breeds them while the effects are still active, their progeny will inherit their parents’ improved stats. This means that a fully developed horse will always be quicker and jump higher than a standard horse.

This process can rapidly improve speed and leap height with each succeeding generation of horses, culminating in some tremendously powerful rides. Tricks like this might save a lot of time for individuals who want to play Minecraft without mods. The game may be a slog for the purist player in many aspects.

Thus, there’s no shame in utilizing some of the game’s own mechanics to help relieve that issue. Some players may still prefer to avoid the more game-breaking choices. However, the majority of these are simply clever and practical hacks for making Minecraft more enjoyable.

The Best Movie Mod In Minecraft!

Riding A Dinosaur!!! - Dinosaurs In Minecraft | Jurassic World - Ep5 -  YouTube

JurassiCraft might be the most prominent Minecraft mod of all time, with over 5 million downloads. JurassiCraft, which is available for version 1.12.2, allows players to create their own Jurassic Park from the ground up. This mod taps on Minecraft’s user ingenuity by allowing players to design their park in whatever way they want.

It has a range of dinosaurs that users can customize and prehistoric plants and vehicles that resemble the movie’s iconic vehicles. This great mod’s brilliant authors are also highly active in its creation, releasing the latest additions every month.

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