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Why Netizens Are Going Crazy Over Cardi B’s Red Bandana look? Girl Already Filming For Fast 10

Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar Cephus, popularly known as Cardi B, is a popular American songwriter, rapper, and actress. Beyond this, she is among the most popular styles icon in the industry. Therefore, everything Cardi B does or wears becomes a piece of news. More recently, a video featuring Cardi B has been going viral on the internet. The reason behind the video getting so much attention is the unique Cardi B’s red bandana look on her head.

Why Is Cardi B’s Red Bandana Hair Making Headlines?

For one reason or another, singer and actress Cardi B is used to coming into the limelight and making headlines. Keeping up with her track record, Cardi B has been on the news recently. However, the reason for the internet going crazy about Cardi B is not any scandal or controversy but her hairstyle. 

Cardi B

Cardi B lit up all our social media timelines when a singer’s video was posted on Instagram from TokyoStylez’s Instagram handle. In the video, Cardi B can be seen in the street wearing one of the most eccentric, quirky hairstyles you’ll ever see. The wig is very uniquely patterned in a similar fashion to a red bandana with black and white details. Due to this wig, Cardi’s appearance can be compared to that of a bandana. 

Her new hairstyle has not gone unnoticed by the internet, which has been flooded with different responses. While most of the fans appreciated how beautiful Cardi was looking. On the other hand, some were stuck by the sheer curiosity about how one can dye such patterns on their head.

During the music video filming for rapper Kay Flock’s popular tune Shake It in The Bronx, New York, on Wednesday, March 30, Cardi B peered at every inch of the video vixen. Kay Flock’s partners Bory 300 and Dougie B joined the Grammy Award winner on set. She recently announced that she had made a remix of the hit song. Cardi wore a head of flaming red tresses for the highly anticipated video with a paisley design that resembled a red bandana.

Stylez and Cardi B are undeniably vibrant duo who inspire us all regarding hair trends. Cardi B astonished us with a printed ponytail stenciled with the label’s distinctive quatrefoil emblems in a waist-length blonde ponytail done by Tokyo Stylez. At the same time, Louis Vuitton received huge hair love.

Vin Diesel Hints At Cardi B’s Return In Fast And Furious 10!

In the 9th film of the popular action franchise Fast And Furious 9, songwriter and rapper Cardi B appeared in a small role. But that was enough to make her fans go crazy. In the movie, Cardi played Dominic Toretto’s old friend Leysa. 

Dom and Leysa met while attending Otto’s party at Hatfield House in London. After a heated argument with Jakob, Dom got detained and was taken by Interpol. However, we saw that Leysa and her group were behind the masks all along. She informs Dom that she is a Queenie agent and hands him his brother’s gun, which carries biometric prints that can be used to trace his whereabouts. Dom can get away thanks to her help.

Cardi B

Now ahead of Fast and Furious 10, the lead actor of the film franchise, Vin Diesel and Justin Lin has hinted that Cardi might be back for the tenth film. During an interview with Entertainment Tonight in 2021, Vin talked about Cardi’s role in the next movie, saying that she is confirmed to be returning for the film.

Justin Lin stated, “I love Cardi, you know? I mean, it’s amazing she showed up, and within a minute, she’s part of the family. And I love how when I got together with her. She’s actually really embedded into the overall universe.” Meanwhile, Vin said, “We are very much excited to evolve her character and to expand it to the finale. She made it just in time. She came in Fast nine just in time.”

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