Thirty Nine Season 2

Thirty-Nine Season 2: Renewed Already? Finale Drops Hint For Potential Second Season!

Thirty-Nine has just made its way to Netflix, and fans love the insane romantic drama. It further leaves many fans to wonder whether the K-drama will return with Thirty-Nine Season 2. As of now, it’s quite tricky to guess the future of the series. However, the series cliffhanger ending had left the door open for the second season. Will it return? Let’s see what the series creator and the giant streaming network has to say about the show.

Written by Yoo Yeong-ah and directed by Kim Sang-ho, Thrity-Nine stars Son Ye-jin, Kim Ji-Hyun, and Jeon Mi-do. The K-drama follows the lives of three best friends. It deals with their personal and professional lives. Meanwhile, how they navigate their friendship while dealing with the love and romance issues between the three best friends.

Thirty-Nine Season 2: Is It Renewed Yet?

Thirty Nine Season 2

Unfortunately, not. The show has recently dropped on Netflix on March 27, 2022. And the streaming service generally takes a couple of months to decide the future of the series. The renewal is based on the viewership and the cost required to create such a show. If we look at the viewership, the series pilot episode gathered 4.406% nationwide viewership, while the final episode gained 8.122% of total viewership.

Apart from this, the series topped the Global Top 10 weekly list of most-watched international Netflix TV shows. So deeming this, there’s a possibility the show could return with the second season. Besides this, the series ended on a cliffhanger note that left many fans wondering what would happen with the series’ cast members. Thus considering this, we can expect the show to return for the second run.

Thirty-Nine Season 2: Who Will Return?

Thirty Nine Season 2

If the show returns for the second run, it will ultimately bring the main characters back. Son Ye-jin will return as a 39-year-old director of Gangnam Dermatology Clinic, Cha Mi-jo. Jeon Mi-do will return as a 39-year-old acting teacher, Jeong Chan-young, in the memory of her friends. Kim Ji-Hyun will join as a 39-year-old cosmetics manager at a department store, Jang Joo-hee. Besides them, Yeon Woo-jin as Kim Seon-woo will return with Lee Moo-Saeng as Kim Jin-Seok and Lee Tae-hwan as Park Hyun-Joon.

Thirty-Nine Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

Thirty Nine Season 2

The finale was a heartbreaking moment for the fans. Chan Young loses her strength and collapses while her family and friends notice this. They decided to act like a protective layer and take care of her at this moment. She understood the value of love that she received from her friends and family. However, she was losing pieces of her despite her friends trying to strengthen her. Later, Mi Jo and Joo Hae realized that Chan Young needed a picture for a funeral.

So, they decide to have a fun photo session to have a smiling picture of Chan Young. In the end, Chan Young gave Mi Jo the list of people to call at her funeral, and Mi Jo decided that it could be a perfect way for them to reconnect with her. Although she dies in the end, there’s an open door for the potential characters who revolve around her. So if the show returns for the second run, it might center on how Mi Jo deals with Chan Young’s death.

Thirty-Nine Season 2: Release Date

Thirty Nine Season 2

As of now, the network hasn’t decided yet whether the show could return with a second season or not. But based on the viewership it received, there’s a chance that the show could return with a potential season 2. Netflix might announce the decision sometime in June. So probably, the show might undergo production in the summer of 2022 and might return sometime in early 2023.

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