May 27, 2024
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The Chelsea Detective Season 2: Did Acorn TV Renew The Show? Know What Will Happen Next

the chelsea detective season 2

If there is one thing the British do right, it is creating a gripping crime drama series. And there is a new addition to this ever-growing list. Developed by Peter Fincham, The Chelsea Detective follows Detectives Max and Priya as they investigate gruesome crimes while also dealing with the turmoils of their personal lives. If you are among the fans curious about The Chelsea Detective Season 2. Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.


What To Expect From The Chelsea Detective Season 2?

In the first season of the mystery crime drama series, viewers saw Priya and Max working alongside each other to solve crimes. The cases they were investigating included the disappearance of a PR agent, the killing of a teacher and the death of a widowed stonemason, a missing PR manager, and the murder of an educator. In the midst, they were also dealing with their own personal problems. 

the chelsea detective season 2

Max was maxing progress in his personal life towards the end of the first season. In the first season, Max had a lot on his plate with his father’s death and him getting a divorce. He went to visit his father’s grave in an attempt to cope with the grief of losing him. He returns home to a soothing evening, indicating that he is in a better space than he previously was.

Meanwhile, The Chelsea Detective Season 2 will bring fresh troubles for Max and Priya upon its return. The next season may focus on Priya trying to triumph over her anxiety regarding her family. She will try to make more time for her daughter Poppy.

Meanwhile, viewers will also see where Max is headed after his divorce from Astrid. There will be a lot of drama and suspense in the next season. In the midst of all this, there will be a more perplexing crime that Max And Priya will investigate in The Chelsea Detective Season 2.

The Chelsea Detective Season 2: Release Date!

the chelsea detective season 2

Season one of The Chelsea Detective ran on AcronTv from March 7, 2022, to March 28, 2022. However, prior to its release in the United States, the crime drama aired in Uk from February 7, 2022, to February 28, 2022. On the flip side, as far as The Chelsea Detective Season 2 is concerned, the series has not been renewed yet despite the positive response towards season one. But we should not forget it is still very early. And given the show’s performance, it is very likely to return with another season. 

While talking about the possibility of a second-season cast member, Sonita Henry said, “Hopefully, America will embrace The Chelsea Detective and Acorn TV can turn around and say yes, absolutely, let’s do this again.” She also added, “Let’s get the party back together and go for it because we really would love to do it again.”

Returning Cast Members!

the chelsea detective season 2

The cast of the crime drama features Adrian Scarborough portraying Detective Max Arnold, and his partner DS Priya Shamsie is played by Sonita Henry. Since these two are the lead cast members, they will certainly be back if there is a second season. The series also stars Anamaria Marinca as Astrid Fischer, and Davood Ghadami as Nitin Shamsie. And Priya’s daughter Poppy is played by Aiylah Bhimani. 

The series also features Peter Bankole as DC Connor Pollock. Lucy Phelps plays DC Jess Lombard and Sophie Stone as Ashley Wilton. Then we have Frances Barber playing Olivia Arnold and Cecilia Appiah as PC Lana Appleby. In addition, to series leads, most of the supporting cast members are also expected to return in The Chelsea Detective Season 2.

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