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Reply Season 4: Will The Series Return With Another Story? What Are The Chances?

Reply 1988

Reply is among the most popular Korean Tv series of all time. The last time we saw a new season of the series was way back in 2016. However, even after more than six years, the diehard fans have not left hopes for Reply Season 4. But will it really happen?’


The ‘Reply’ series has had a significant impact on popular culture in South Korea. The series captured the amazing spirit of the 1990s in particular. ‘Reply 1997’ had a modest start in terms of audience, but it quickly rose to fame as word traveled about its top-quality production and script. But ‘Reply 1988’ became one of the most popular Korean dramas ever.

Is Reply Season 4 Coming?

Reply Season 4

The third season in the Reply series, titled Reply 1988, premiered on TVN on November 6, 2015, and ran until January 16, 2016. Meanwhile, it has been over six years since the last season premiered. And there has not been any buzz about it happening. So, talking about the prospect of Reply Season 4 looks kind of unnecessary now. Therefore, we’d like to inform the fans that Reply is most likely not coming back for a fourth season.

What Happened In The Last Season?

The third season of the series was titled Reply 1988. As the name suggests, the season was set in the year 1988. It was about the lives of five best friends. Since childhood, these five people have been each other’s best friends and have lived in the same neighborhood of Ssangmun-dong, Seoul. The series shifts focus between the teenagers and their parents.

Reply Season 4

It chronicles their adolescent struggle to overcome obstacles that any adolescent may identify with and how they grew up together. They were all successful in their own lives and had a lot of fun together. At the end of the season, Deok-sun ended up with Choi Taek, and the families left the locality one by one to reach at a better place.

Who Are The Friends In Reply 1998?

The show follows them in their teenage years while they are planning what to do with their lives. The first of these friends was Sung Deok-sun. She was the middle child in an economically struggling family. She was under a load of getting 999th rank in her school. Kim Jung-hwan was second in the group. Kim’s family’s fortune turned around overnight, and they became wealthy. 


Then there is Ryu Dong Ryong. Even though he was not a very good student, Ryu’s knowledge about girls was impeccable. The group also had Sung Sun-woo. In addition to being really good at studies was a bright student, Woo was also the president of the student council in the school and a responsible son in his family. The last member of the group was Choi Taek, who was a star international level player in the Go-Stop game. Choi left school to pursue a career in the game itself.

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