May 27, 2024
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Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 18: A Local Celebrity Visits Frank, Danny & Jamie Deals With A Dilemma!

Blue Blood season 12 Episode 18

Frank will be visited by a local celebrity who will make a request to the NYPD in Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 18. Erin will encounter an old rival, leading to an investigation into a wrongful conviction. Moreover, Danny and Baez will try to look for a missing kid. So, keep reading ahead to know all the essential updates about episode 17.


Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 18 Preview: What Will Happen?

The eighteenth episode of Blue Bloods Season 12 is titled “Long Lost.” A local celebrity will approach Frank with a request. He will ask Frank to consider making an exception to the NYPD’s age limit. Erin will encounter an old foe in the upcoming episode. The encounter will lead her to investigate an alleged wrongful conviction.

Moreover, Jame will find out about a sergeant’s wrongdoings. He will struggle with the dilemma of reporting the sergeant to the authorities. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez will investigate a missing kid’s case. They will end us looking for the kid who has been abducted in Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 18.


A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Anthony was visited by a mobster named Mario Vangelis. The mobster told Anthony that his brother Leo had come to Mario looking for work that pays quick cash. Anthony warned Mario to stay away from his brother. He visited Leo and found out that his girlfriend was pregnant with twins. Anthony realized’s Leo’s situation and assured his brother to find a way to help.

Elsewhere, in Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 17, a man started a live YouTube stream to disgrace Eddie. She tried to keep herself calm but ended up arresting the man. Luis was also there as she was responding to a 911 call. The same perpetrator tried to hurt another man’s daughter. Luis was furious when the perpetrator filed a suit against NYPD for arrest without cause. Henry volunteered to help and made the man realize that he could be arrested on charges of harassing teenage girls online. Eventually, the man took his YouTube account down and retracted the lawsuit.


Danny & Maria Solve An Assualt Case While Frank Has A Realization

Further, Maria and Danny investigated the assault of a young girl named Grace Spence. She was knocked out soon after her parents left for the airport. The officers questioned their driver Arty, who revealed that he saw the mother and father fighting in the morning. Grace’s mother’s new business venture failed, and the investors were hounding them for the money.

However, none of them attacked Grace. Luckily, Grace woke up at the hospital and revealed that she saw her attackers talking on the phone with Arty. Maria and Danny brought Arty in, and they also caught up with Grace’s attacker. Arty confessed that he was trying to rob the family, but it all got messed up.

Morover, Frank accepted that Jamie might accept the Mayor’s offer to work for his security team. He accepted his son’s decision and warned him to be cautious. Erin ran into Anthony at the hospital, who was there with Leo’s family. The mobster Mario claimed to have changed and paid for every baby’s delivery in the hospital, including Leo’s, at the end of Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 17.


Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 18: Airing Date

CBS will air Blue Bloods Season 12 Episode 18 on April 8, 2022. The network broadcasts a new episode weekly on Fridays at 10:00 p.m. ET. And each episode of season 12 will have around 45 minutes of estimated runtime.

Where To Stream Episode 17 Online?

If you miss CBS’s broadcast, you can stream the upcoming episode on the network’s website and Paramount+. Moreover, the current season is available to stream on Xfinity, Sling TV, DirecTV, Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and Hulu+Live. So, don’t miss out on episode 17, and keep coming back for more thrilling episode previews only on

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