February 23, 2024
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Find Me In Your Memory Season 2: Renewed? Set To Explore Their Love Life, Know Release Date

Find me In Your Memory Season 2

It’s nearly two years since the first season of Find Me In Your Memory aired, and fans are still waiting to hear about Find Me In Your Memory Season 2. The debut season gained massive popularity and soon became the most-watched K-drama on Netflix. But despite this, Netflix is yet to announce the future of the series. Let’s see what the giant streaming platform has to say about the second run.


Written by Yoon Ji-Hyun and Kim Yoon-Joo, Find Me In Your Memory follows a couple’s life. A man who remembers everything, including a second of his life, and a woman who’s used to forgetting the painful past. Lee Jung-Hoon works as an anchor and suffers from hyperthymesia, a disease that allows him to remember every single moment of his life. But Yeo Ha-jin is a top actress. However, she forgets her past and now lives a life as she wants.

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2: Is It Renewed?

Unfortunately, not! It’s been two years, and yet Netflix hasn’t revealed the future of Find Me In Your Memory. The giant streaming platform generally takes a couple of months to announce its decision. Then, based on viewership vs. cost analysis, the giant streamer decides whether to greenlit the show or not. However, the production company behind this hasn’t opened up about its potential Find Me In Your Memory Season 2.

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2

Further, it has been seen that most of the K-drama only runs for one season. Thus the chances of Find Me In Your Memory Season 2 are quite less. However, the show earned many positive responses around the globe. The pilot season gained 3.0% positive response, while the finale gained almost 3.5% of positive ratings. Further, there was a hike in ratings in episode 14 as it gained 5.4% ratings. Considering this, we can expect that Find Me In Your Memory Season 2 might return.

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2: Who Will Return?

Although the steamer is yet to officially announce the show’s future, if Find Me In Your Memory Season 2 returns, it will indeed bring the main characters back. These include Kim Dong-wook as Lee Jung-hoon and Moon Ga-young as Yeo Ha-jin. Apart from them, Cha Kwang-soo as Lee Dong-young will return with Gil Hae-yeon as Seo Mi-hyun, Lee Joo-bin as Jung Seo-yeon, and Yoon Jong-hoon as Yoo Tae-eun. Other cast members include Kim Seul-gi as Yeo Ha-Kyung, Lee Soo-mi as Park Kyung-ae, and Shin Joo-hyup as Moon Cheol.

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

In the first season of Find Me In Your Memory, Jeong Hoon a news anchor, charms everyone with his charming look, but his nature is the opposite of his look. While he has a gentle appearance, he gradually becomes harsh during his interviews. Further, people feel uncomfortable due to his interrogatory-like questions. Due to suffering from hyperthymia, he recalls every single word and thing that happened during his childhood.

He suffered in love as his love interest Seo Yeon suddenly disappeared eight years ago. However, one day he crossed paths with Ha jin, the rising star. Despite getting negative remarks from the press, she remained poised and calmer, which is quite the opposite of Jeong Hoon. Well, this is because his memory slowly fades away. However, the couple made it to the finale. So it would be thrilling to see what they are up to.

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2

While the couple faced plenty of setbacks during their relationship period, they decided to stay together in the end. However, they never tied the knot and made their relationship public. So if the show returns with a second season, it will ultimately explore their love life and its impact on their career. Further, we can hope for a marriage in the second season where the couple would try to balance their work and personal life.

Find Me In Your Memory Season 2: Release Date

Currently, the production house, including the giant streaming platform, has not come up with the renewal of the show. Thus, it’s tricky to guess when the series could return for its second run. But if the series gets renewed sometime in the summer of 2022, viewers can expect Find Me In Your Memory Season 2 to return sometime in 2023.

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