April 23, 2024
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Man With A Plan Season 5: Fans Looking At Netflix For Renewal! Are There Any Chances?

Freinds might have ended 18 years ago, but our for Matt LeBlanc has not. Thus, fans were overwhelmed when he appeared in the CBS comedy series Man With A Plan. The fourth season of the series ended in June 2020. Since then, we’ve been waiting for Man With a Plan Season 5. However, there is very little we know about it.


Man With a Plan is an American situation comedy-drama series starring Matt LeBlanc and Liza Snyder. The series debuted on the CBS network in October 2016. It revolves around Adam Burns and his family living in suburban Pittsburg. Adam is a School contractor and a traditionalistic father. The show chronicles Adam and his wife trying Andi to raise their kids. Adam struggles to maintain a balance between his family and work life. Meanwhile, also learning to adapt to change with time.

Man With a Plan Season 5

The series created by Jackie and Jeff Filgo has received mixed critical responses. On the other hand, it show has been praised for dealing with birth control, parenting, and sex while maintaining humor throughout its run. The fans have well received the comedy series, making it one of the most popular comedy series of the era. But Will there be Man With A Plan Season 5? Let’s find out.

Is Man With A Plan Season 5 Coming?

Man W ith A Plan Season 5

The fourth season of the series premiered from April to June 2020. Just like the previous seasons, the fourth season also became immensely popular. This is why fans were shocked when CBS canceled the show before the fifth season. However, the fans have not given up upon the possibility of the season. There have been social media campaigns to revive the show. After everything failed the fans, fans are hoping that Netflix will revive the series. But nothing is confirmed as of now.

What Happened In The Last Season?

In the fourth season’s finale, viewers saw that Adam was firm on doing something special on his 20th wedding anniversary to make his wife Andy happy. Thus, Adam outsourced Lowell to find out what Andi likes. But, Andy manipulated Lowell according to her wish. Meanwhile, Adam planned to recreate his honeymoon RV trip for his wife, Andy. However, he was unaware that, in reality, Andy did not enjoy the trip. 

Man With a Plan Season 5

But we learned that the RV trip was just the first step of Adam’s plan to take his wife on a romantic getaway in a fancy resort. Adam was sure she would not like the trailer, so he used it to throw her off the track, which was successful. Then, after traveling through the jungle, he stunned Andi by taking her to the resort where she had wanted to go for a long time.

If the show returns for Man With a Plan Season 5, it will resume the story after the couple’s getaway. The season will see Adam and Andy working to raise their children. We don’t know much about the fifth season. But we know that if it returns, it’ll be every bit as hilarious as the first four seasons.

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