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Van Helsing Season 6: Will Syfy Return With Another Season? What Are The Chances? Find Out Here!

Vampires have been around in literature and pop culture for centuries. And as old as vampires are the vampire hunters. Van Helsing has first appeared in the pages of Bram Stroker’s Dracula. Since then, there have been countless iterations of the character. The fifth season of Syfy’s horror series Van Helsing premiered in June 2021. If you are one of the fans waiting for Van Helsing Season 6, here’s what we know about it.

Van Helsing is horror-fantasy drama series that debuted on Syfy in 2016. The series follows Vanessa Van Helsing, who is a descendant of the original Van Helsing. The series is set in a post-apocalyptic future where vampires have taken over the world. Vanesa wakes up from the coma to fight against the bloodsuckers. Vanessa’s blood has a unique ability to turn vampires into a human. The show is based on Zenescope Entertainment’s graphic novel titled Helsing. 

Van Helsing Season 6

The series created by Neil LaBute has received mostly positive reviews from critics. The show sticks to the basics of the genre, maintaining a gripping narrative throughout. Kelly Overton’s performance as Vanessa is one of the highlights of the series. In addition, the show features edge of the seat action and gore. Meanwhile, let’s discuss everything we know about Van Helsing Season 6.

Will There Be Van Helsing Season 6?

Van Helsing Season 6

The fifth season of Van Helsing premiered on Syfy from April 16 to June 25, 2021. Now talking about Van Helsing Season 6, there is no news of the series renewal for another installment as of now. The series’s fifth season ended on a bitter-sweet note summing up the overall storyline. So, it is unlikely that there will be another season. However, in this day and era, many shows are finding new homes on OTT platforms. Thus, as fans, we do not entirely rule out the possibility. But we would not be counting days for Van Helsing Season 6. 

What Can Happen In The Next Season?

Van helsing Season 6

We’ve seen Vanessa taking on the vampires in the fives season of the show. Even the Elders were not safe from her. There was an epic last battle between Vanessa and Dracula in the fifth season. In which she was successful in defeating Dracula. Meanwhile, she turned all the vampires back into humans as she brought back daylight by barring Dark One in her body. The fifth season of the show ended with Vanessa’s ultimate sacrifice. She again went into a coma after she trapped the Dark One inside her.

If the series returns for Van Helsing Season 6, it will most likely pick up after the events fifth season finale. Meanwhile, Jack and Violet will face new challenges as they try to protect the humans. There might be the return of the Dracula or even a bigger villain gearing up to rein hellfire on humanity.

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