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Marco Polo Season 3: Will The Show Return To Netflix? What Are The Chances?

In 2014 Netflix released the first season of its ambitious medieval drama series Marco Polo. Created with a grand budget, the series has all the elements to become a long-running and successful drama. However, the fans have been waiting for Marco Polo Season 3 for more than five long years. But unfortunately, there is very little we know about it.

Marco Polo is a Netflix original American historical drama series that debuted on the streaming service in 2014. The series is based on the early travels of the famous Venetian explorer Marco Polo. The show follows a young Marco in the court of Mongol ruler Kublai Khan around the early fourteenth century. The series stars Lorenzo Richelmy in the titular role. 

The show created by John Fusco received unfavorable reviews from critics upon the first season’s release. On the other hand, the show managed to do quite well among the viewers. As a result, Netflix renewed the show for a second season. But will there be Marco Polo Season 3? Let’s discuss everything we know about it.

Will There be Marco polo Season 3?

Marco Polo which originally belonged to Starz, found its home on the streaming platform Netflix. Although there was a gap of two years in the first two seasons. The first season of the series premiered on Netflix in 2014. On the other hand, the second season dropped on the streaming service in October 2016. Now, as far as the Marco Polo Season 3 is concerned, we are afraid that we may have some bad news for the fans of the show. Despite a big budget and grand-scale production, Marco Polo has failed to hit the target that the creators were hoping for.

As a result, The Weinstein Company and Netflix have decided to cancel the series ahead of Marco Polo Season 3. The news is not a surprise as the show has not found its target audience yet. The fans of the show were disappointed by the news. Although several campaigns and petitions came out by the fans for Marco Polo Season 3. However, it has been over half a decade, and we are sad to inform the fans that the third season for Marco Polo may never happen.

What Did Cindy Holland Say?

When the news of the cancelation of Marco Polo Season 3 surfaced, Cindy Holland, the vice president of original content for Netflix, issued a public statement regarding the matter. In her remarks, she conveyed her gratefulness to the people who worked on the show and praised the actors for “brilliant” performances.

Cindy’s full statement reads, “We like to thank and are grateful to our allies on Marco Polo from the artists, whose performances were brilliant and top-notch; to the dedicated producers, including Dan Minahan, John Fusco, Patrick Macmanus, and their crew. They poured their hearts into the show, and of course Harvey, David, and our friends at The Weinstein Company, who were great partners from start to finish.”

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