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Hanna Season 4: David Ferrer Spilling Details About The Fourth Season! Know What’s Next

The third season of Amazon Prime Video’s action series Hannah premiered in November 2021. The season continued Hanna’s story after the events of the second season. Since the release of the season, the fans have been curious about what the future hold for the series. So, will there be Hanna Season 4? Well, let us find that out together-

Hanna is an American action thriller drama series that debuted on Amazon Prime Video in Feb 2019. The series created by David Ferrer is based on a 2011 movie. The show follows a titular teenager named Hanna, who is a highly skilled and super lethal assassin. However, she was trained to be the assassin that she is under the CIA’s UTRAX program. The show follows Hanna as she tries to live a normal life while also trying to find out about her origin.

Will There Be Hannah Season 4?

Hanna Season 4
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The third season of Hanna premiered on Amazon Prime Video in November 2021. The season consisted of six episodes. But the burning question is, will there be Hanna Season 4? Will, the answer to the question is Amazon Prime Video has not renewed the action series for another season. As per the reports, the show will be returning for a fourth as it was planned to run for three installments, which it has completed. The third season of the series has tried to tie all the loose ends and wrap up all the running storylines.

While talking about Hanna Season 4, showrunner David Farr told the media that it might happen sometime in the future if he ever has a new story to tell about Hanna.

After the end of the third season, most of the main characters’ storylines had been wrapped up. Meanwhile, Hanna ends up in a totally different place as she starts her new life. Farr hinted that even though the show has seemingly wrapped the question of returning for the fourth season, it is not out of chance. So fans may have a thin glimmer of hope.

How Did The Third Season End?

In the third season series, we saw a hurt Marissa and Hanna. They understand the deepness of their fake mother-daughter connection. Meanwhile, After Marissa dies, Hannah has no choice but to accept her death and try to move on. She goes to Boston to start a fresh life.

Also, she bids farewell to Nadiya and Abbas. Although she chose to embark on a journey of her own, she always had the option to come back. The season ended with beautiful deceptions of themes like parenting, self-discovery, and the struggle between ethically right and necessarily evil.

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What Can Hanna Season 4 Be About?

After the details about UTRAX came in public, Hanna decided to start a new life in a new place. The CIA gave Hanna a new identity of Grace to start her new life in Boston. Meanwhile, to start her new life, Hanna had to say goodbye to Abbas Naziri, whom she loved. But she takes the tough decision, so she can move on with a clean slate. Boston just might be the perfect destination for Hanna’s new life. As the city has a lot of universities with a European feel. Hanna could also complete her studies in Boston, which may help her lead an ordinary life. 

Showrunner David Ferrer planned to wrap the series with three seasons. The third season concluded with Hanna’s transformation from a directionless girl into an independent and strong young woman. As of now, the showrunner has no plans for Hanna Season 4. However, if the series ever returns, it is likely to pick up and tell us where Jules and other remaining soldiers of UTRAX are.

CIA helped Hanna to start a new life, but we can assume that the CIA’s help does not come without strings attached. After all, Hanna is a highly-skilled assassin and a valuable asset that might come in handy for the CIA if they ever need her.

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