May 24, 2024
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Hope Street Season 2: Boss Tease To Return For Potential Second Season! What Are The Chances?

Hope Street Season 2

Many fans loved BBC One’s original series Hope Street, and now they are looking forward to Hope Street Season 2. However, the network hasn’t announced an official decision about the second run. But no need to fret. This is because the production house behind the show and the network’s president show their interest in the potential second season. Let’s see what the series boss has to say about Hope Street Season 2.


Created by Susanne Farrell and Paul Marquess, the series follows DC Leila Hussain arriving in the fictional Northern Irish small town of Port Devine. Many wondered the reason behind her arrival. But only Inspector Finn O’Hare knows the reason behind her transfer to Port Devine. But he kept that a secret. After she arrives in the town, Karan teased that The secret and the reason behind her transfer is a matter of life and death.

Hope Street Season 2: Will It Ever Happen?

Hope Street Season 2

As of now, BBC One hasn’t released any official statement renewing the show’s second season. However, it doesn’t mean the show won’t return. In fact, BBC Daytime and Early Peak Head Carla-Maria Lawson talked about the potential second season. Carla said, “I’m thrilled” to announce that they are bringing back Northern Ireland to the BBC One Daytime audience. Carla added that fans are continuously asking for Hope Street Season 2. So, the audience will be thrilled to know that they are picking up the show from where they left off.

Shortly after her statement, BritBox International Chief Creative Officer Diederick Santer stated they are pleased to return with the second season. They are glad to bring Hope Street Season 2 to their subscribers worldwide. No doubt, the series is a lovely treat blended with gripping stories and stunning characters. BBC Nothern Ireland Head Of Content Commissioning, Eddie Doyle, said Hope Street came out as a wonderful show with real hits and performed well on the platform. So they are delighted to return with Hope Street Season 2.

Hope Street Season 2: Who Will Join The Cast?

Hope Street Season 2

As mentioned above, the series will pick up from where it left off. So the entire cast will return to unearth the mystery behind the case. Des McAleer as Barry Pettigrew will definitely return with Amara Karan as DC Leila Hussain. Kerri Quinn as Sergeant Marlene Pettigrew will also come back as Niall Wright and Aaron McCusker as Clint Dunwoody. Apart from them, Brid Brennan as Concepta O’Hare will also return with Niamh McGrady as Nicole Devine and Ciaran McMenamin as Inspector Finn O’Hare.

Hope Street Season 2: What Will Happen Next?

Hope Street Season 2

In the first season, Siobhan O’ Hare tries to win back her husband, who appears to see Leila Hussain. Heartbroken, Siobhan decided to tell her husband about her latest cancer diagnosis. So, Leila decided to leave Port Devine in order to settle the couple. She hurriedly packed up her stuff and headed to the airport without saying a final goodbye to Finn. From Concepta, Finn learned about Leila’s departure and his wife’s cancer diagnosis. So he held his son Shay and keys and went on a ride. It remains unclear where he drove to.

But in the closing moment, we see Finn inside a car, and his head is bleeding. Now it remains unclear whether he will make it to the second season or not. But it seems like Leila will soon learn about this information and rush to see Finn. She won’t leave Port Devine and decide to stay with Finn. Meanwhile, his wife will be taking her first cancer treatment in the hospital. So it would be hard for Siobhan to deal with the accident’s aftermath. Further, she might blame Leila for this mess.

Hope Street Season 2: Release Date

Hope Street Season 2

Although the network hasn’t officially renewed the show for the second season, they have already said to return with the second season. So we can expect that the show might undergo production sometime in the summer of 2022. It might take six to seven months to wrap up production. Therefore, Hope Street Season 2 might air sometime in 2023.

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