June 13, 2024
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Is Omar Apollo Gay? Find All The Details About Star’s Sexuality & Personal Life

Omar Apollo

Omar Apollo is a Mexican American singer, songwriter, and musician who has been rising to the scene ever since his songs went viral on Spotify. Although not much is known about the personal life of the singer, many fans speculate that Omar Apollo is gay. But is that really the case? Let’s find out about the star’s sexuality and personal life.


Early Life!

Omar Apollo was born on May 20, 1997, in Hobart, Indiana on May 20, 1997, to his father, Omar Apolonio Velasco. The 23 years old singer spent most of his childhood playing with his two brothers and sisters. His father crossed the border in Guadalajara when he was 23 years old and paid a visit to his Mexican mother. Omar eventually joined him in the United States in 1992.

Omar Apollo

His parents worked tirelessly to raise their children, opening the neighborhood eatery, The Super Taco’. In the year 2009, they even became citizens of the United States. Pedro Infante, Los Panchos, The Beatles, Paul Simon, Neil Young, John Mayer, Prince, Rick James, and others were among the artists he listened to as a kid. His family gave him a guitar when he was 12 years old, but it was an electric guitar without an amplifier.


The musician began his career by uploading songs such as Brakelights on the internet, which went viral and helped him gain popularity in 2017. He took out a $30 loan from a friend and put the song Ugotme on Spotify. It quickly made its way onto the Fresh Finds playlist, where it racked up 20,000 streams in a single day. After a year, the song has surpassed 15 million streams on Spotify.

Omar Apollo

Omar has also worked at Jimmy John’s and Guitar Center. Moreover, Omar released his debut EP, Stereo, in 2018, which was favorably welcomed by critics and strengthened his fan base. Through this, he followed his accomplishment by traveling in other sections of Indianapolis, Bloomington, and Chicago. And embarked on tours like the Want Tour and the Voyager Tour, among others. His second EP, Friends, was published in April 2019.

It was produced by John Shanks, a well-known producer. He became close to Shanks and is now managed by his son, Dylan. Whom he contacted on Twitter when Dylan hired him for a university concert at New York University. He signed with Artists Without A Label in 2017 and performed at SXSW that year. Meanwhile, in the year 2019, Omar Apollo went on his first-ever European tour and got a chance to perform at Lollapalooza. During that time, he teamed up with the producer Kenny Beats. And released hit tracks like Hit Me Up and Frio.

Is Omar Apollo Gay?

 Omar Apollo

Though Omar Apollo has been active only for a few years in the music industry, fans have been curious about his personal life and sexuality of the singer. Many fans have speculated that the singer is gay based on his outfits, song lyrics. And the fact that he has always been supportive of LGBTQ rights. And it turns out to be the truth, Omar Apollo. The singer has been openly gay for several years now, and he has never shied away from expressing his sexuality in his songs and performances.

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