April 17, 2024
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Taskmaster Season 13: Launching Its Own Streaming Service? Releasing Soon

Task MAster Season 13

Created by Alex Horne, Taskmaster is a British comedy reality game show that debuted on the Dave channel in 2015. The show features a group of contestants trying to successfully complete the quirky tasks given to them and win the competition. The show has been a huge hit in the United Kingdom and has spawned 12 seasons in just seven years. Meanwhile, as the craze for Taskmaster Season 13 is skyrocketing, let us see what will it bring for the fans of the show.


Taskmaster is a panel show in which contestants are given new and unexpected tasks to perform. The candidates are free to do whatever they want to get out of the challenge. But it appears that nothing will actually aid them because it is all about brains and inventive thinking.

Taskmaster Season 13

The most thrilling aspect of the show is that the challenges appear to be straightforward. Singing a song, creating food, eating melons, and painting are all simple tasks, but there are a few catches. How well do you sing nursery rhymes? Is it possible to bake something with only a few ingredients? Maybe not, and that’s part of the comedy.

Task Master Season 13 Cast!

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As we know that Taskmaster is a reality tv game show, the cast usually comprises the hosts and the participants in the game show. Ever since the show debuted on television, Greg Davis has been coming back as the presenter for all the seasons of the series. On the other hand, show creator Alex Horne acts as Davies’ assistant in the series. With the show’s return with Taskmaster Season 13, we can expect both the beloved comedians to come back in their roles.

As far as the list of contestants for the next season is concerned, the name of the participants is Bridget Christie, Ardal O’ Hanlon, Judi Love, Chris Ramsey, and Sophie Duker. The trailer for Taskmaster Season 13 trailer was recently released, and Alex Horne is ready to promote the season once more. We hope that more trailers will be released so that we can all get a better picture of how the show will go.

Taskmaster Launching Its Own Streaming Service?

Taskmaster Season 13

Alex Horne and Greg Davies, British comedians, have announced a new streaming service to deliver their competition game show Taskmaster to a worldwide audience. With the launch of a new streaming service, worldwide audiences will have easy access to episodes of the hit show. Taskmaster will provide a simple method for worldwide fans to catch up on the show by launching a new streaming service that will only show episodes from the TV series. Taskmaster Supermax+ is a $5.99-per-month subscription.

In recent years, Taskmaster’s popularity has increased tenfold. This has attracted a diverse group of comedians and celebrities from around the world to compete in unusual challenges devised by the show’s hosts, Alex Horne and Greg Davies. The show has inspired various international adaptations as a result of its success in the United Kingdom.

When Is Taskmaster Season 13 Coming?

Taskmaster Season 13

The previous twelfth seas on of Taskmaster premiered that debuted on September 23, 2021. And came to an end with the season finale airing on November 28, 2021. Meanwhile, talking about the Taskmaster Season 13. Soon after the last season, it was confirmed that the show was getting renewed for Taskmaster Season 13. In March 2022, the creators confirmed that the series would return on April 14. So, as of now, two episodes of the thirteenth season are already on air. And fans are waiting for the third episode, which will arrive tomorrow, April 28, 2022.

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