May 19, 2024
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Heartland Season 16: Is It Happening? Know The Real Reason Behind Graham’s Exit, What’s Next?

Heartland Season 16

Netflix has just dropped Heartland Season 15 for UK viewers, and fans are already clamoring for Heartland Season 16. The long-running Canadian drama has been on air since 2007 and has gained many hearts globally. Thus it’s quite irresistible for the fans to wait for the upcoming season. But no need to fret. We have everything that you need to know. Keep reading to know more.


Developed by Murray Shostak, the series is based on Lauren Brooke’s novel of the same name. It follows Amy Fleming and her older sister Lou, who lives on a ranch. They live with their widowed grandfather Jack Bartlett, their father, Tim, and Ty Borden, their farmhand. They dealt with plenty of setbacks while living on the ranch. With time they bond stronger while experiencing the highs and lows of living on the ranch.

Will Heartland Season 16 Ever Happen?

As of now, it’s tricky to guess whether the series will return with season 16. CBC hasn’t renewed Heartland Season 16 yet. But it hasn’t canceled the series too. That means we still have hope that the show could return with season 16. Further, the show has received tremendous responses from local as well as global audiences. It gained 8.6 positive responses on IMDb, while on Google, it gained 95% positive ratings. Thus there’s no way that the network will cancel the show.

In addition, Heartland Season 14 wrapped up airing on the network on March 21, 2021. Soon after a couple of months, the series got renewed for Heartland Season 15. But the previous season faced some delays with returning with a new run. So deeming this time frame, we can expect that the same will happen with Heartland Season 16. The network might take three to four months to announce the renewal of the series.

Heartland Season 16

Heartland Season 16: Who Could Be In The Cast?

Undoubtedly, Amber Marshall will return as Amy Fleming with her on-screen sister Samantha Louise “Lou” Fleming Morris (Michelle Morgan). Apart from them, Shaun Johnston as Jackson “Jack” Barlett will return with Alisha Newton as Georgina “Georgie” Fleming Morris. Chris Potter as Timothy “Tim” Fleming will also return. There’s some chance that Kerry James as Caleb O’Dell will return as a supporting character with Gabriel Hogan as Peter Walter Morris.

Other cast members include Nathaniel Arcand as Scott Cardinal, Jessica Steen as Lis Stillman, Ziya Matheson as Katie Fleming Morris, and Lucian-River Chauhan as Luke Kashani. There’s a slight chance that Laara Sadiq as Dr. Tricia Virani might return with Kevin McGarry as Mitch Cutty and Roger LeBlanc as Bob Grainger. But sadly, Graham Wardle won’t return as Ty as he died in Heartland Season 14. However, his death played a prominent role in Heartland Season 15, which might also reflect in Heartland Season 16.

Heartland Season 16

Reason Behind Graham’s Exit

Well, fans were surprised to see Graham leaving the show. His death was unexpected, and fans still hope they can see some glimpse of Graham in flashbacks. However, it won’t happen now. This is because Graham has no intention to return to the show after his exit. He wanted to leave the show back in season 10 to travel to Mongolia. But he later appeared in episode 17.

However, his character was dying. In the show, he appeared sick as the writers tried to give his character a satisfying exit. Now that he died in the show, there’s no way that his character will return sometime in Heartland Season 16.

Heartland Season 16

What Will Happen In Heartland Season 16?

Well, in Heartland Season 14, Ty died, and in the following season, Amy decided to explore her personal life. Ty’s death left Amy and other Morris family members on the verge. They never expected something bad could happen to them. Now that Amy decided to go on a trip alone, we can expect to see new faces and storylines. Further, there’s a chance that she might meet the love of her life during this self-exploration trip.

Heartland Season 16

Heartland Season 16: When Will It Return?

As of now, the network has yet to renew the show for season 16. However, if the show gets renewed within a couple of months, we expect the show to undergo production in the summer of 2022. It will take almost six to seven months to film Heartland Season 16. Considering the time frame, we can expect that Heartland Season 16 will air sometime in the fall.

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