Heirs To The Land Season 2

Heirs To The Land Season 2: Already Renewed? Hugo To Raise Arnau In Upcoming Season

Netflix has recently dropped Heirs To The Land, and fans are already clamoring for Heirs To The Land Season 2. Will it ever return? Well, it’s quite tricky to guess the future of the show. But no need to fret. This is because Netflix has yet to announce the future of the show. So anything could happen now. Further, the parent series has performed well, so there’s a chance it will happen with the second run as well. Keep reading to know more.

Based on Ildefonso Falcones novel Los Herederos De La Tierra, the series revolve around a young winemaker Hugo Llor. It takes place in the late 1300s and serves as the sequel to Cathedral Of The Sea. He dreams of becoming a shipbuilder. Arnau Estanyol, one of the most respected men in the town, supports Hugo’s dream. But in return, Hugo has to stay loyal to the man’s family.

Is Heirs To The Land Season 2 Happening?

Heirs to The Land just aired on April 15, 2022, on Netflix, and fans can’t get their eyes off the show. However, we have disappointing news. Netflix hasn’t renewed the series for the second season. Well, Netflix generally takes a couple of months to decide the future of the show. As we know, it has only been four days since the show dropped on Netflix. So anything could happen. Further, the giant streamer hasn’t canceled the show. Thus it suggests that Netflix might continue to expand the franchise.

Heirs To The Land Season 2

Further, the series gained a positive response. It earned 6.8/10 on IMDb, while on Google, it gained 92% positive ratings. Thus there’s a high chance Netflix will return with Heirs To The Land Season 2. But if we recall, Cathedral Of The Sea premiered back in 2018, and until now, it never returned with a second run. In fact, it continued the narrative with a sequel series. So there’s a slight possibility instead of bringing the second season of Heirs To The Land, the streamer might continue the saga with another sequel series.

Heirs To The Land Season 2: Who Would Return?

Well, it remains uncertain whether the show could return for the second run or not. However, if it returns, we can expect Yon Gonzalez to return as Hugo Llor. Besides him, Aria Bedmar will return as Merce, Elena Rivera as Caterina Llor, and Mercedes Leon as Ace Barcha. Natalia Sanchez as Marta Destorrent might return. However, it remains unclear if Rodolfo Sancho will return for the next run. Since the future of his character, Bernat Estanyol, remains in limbo. Aitor Luna as Arnau Estanyol will join Michelle Jenner as Mar. There are chances that new cast members will also join the show.

Heirs To The Land Season 2

What To Expect In Heirs To The Land Season 2?

Hugo and his close people finally find some peace in the closing moment of the first season. Bernat learns the truth about Marta and tries his best to save his son, young Arnau. However, he failed to save his life as he was killed off when he tried to attack Destorrents. But Bernat left something for the people he felt responsible for. Hugo finally buys a vineyard. So in the second season, Hugo will raise the young boy named Arnau. Further, it could focus on another aspect of his life. It might revolve around the rise of Arnau in Middle Ages Barcelona.

Heirs To The Land Season 2

Heirs To The Land Season 2: When Will It Return?

As of now, it’s unclear when Heirs To The Land Season 2 will return. Netflix has yet to announce the fate of the series. So if the series gets greenlit in a couple of months, we can expect the production to continue for six to seven months. Considering this possibility, we expect Heirs To The Land Season 2 to air sometime in mid-2023.

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