April 12, 2024
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When Is Selling Sunset Season 6 Coming? Is Christine Quinn Fired? Who Will Return For Next Run?

Selling Sunset Season 4

Whether it be Heather And Tarek’s Wedding or the whole fiasco with Christine Quinn, the fifth season of Netflix’s Selling Sunset gave fans everything they hoped for and more. Now, with the show already renewed for Selling Sunset Season 6, it will certainly be interesting to find out what the upcoming season has in store for us.


Netflix’s Selling Sunset is a gripping reality TV series that revolves around the founders and the employees of the extravagant real estate firm in Los Angeles, The Oppenheim Group. The series depicts the high-end and luxurious real estate deals made by some of the most talented realtors. However, what makes it, even more, interesting is the drama and changing dynamics among various cast members.

Is Christine Quinn Fired From The Oppenheim Group?

Selling Sunset' Season 6

Christine Quinn rejected charges that she attempted to sabotage former Olympic prospect Emma Hernan’s career by bribing one of Emma’s clients on season 5 of Selling Sunset. But following the finale, many are asking if Christine was terminated from The Oppenheim Group. Christine has always added intrigue to the Netflix series since she seems to enjoy portraying the antagonist. There are some hints that Christine remained to see another day now that the season is over. 

However, there is no conclusive evidence that the opulent Hollywood real estate firm still employs her. Meanwhile, another member of the group has the potential to oust Christine as the show’s main antagonist. If this happens, fans will certainly miss Quinn, who they love to hate.

Heather And Tarek’s Wedding!

Selling Sunset' Season 6

Season 5 of Selling Sunset contained a lot of wedding discussions, including Heather’s lovely bridal shower, which was featured in one episode. Heather and Tarek’s lovely wedding day was shown in the season finale “Nothing Remains The Same”. Heather included this lovely remark in her wedding vows. Heather’s statements touched and moved supporters because she had previously expressed her feelings for Tarek. Fans observed the voyage and were delighted to see such a touching moment.

Selling Sunset Season 6: Who Will Return?

Selling Sunset' Season 6

The primary cast of Netflix’s real estate series includes Brett and Jason Oppenheim, the founders of the Oppenheim Group. Then there are popular real-estate agents Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Rae El Moussa, and the antagonist Christine Quinn. Meanwhile, in the show, we also see Oppenheim Group’s other agents like Amanza Smith, Emma Hernan, Vanessa Villela, and Davina Potraz. 

In the fifth season, there was a new addition to the cast, in the form of agent Chelsea Lazkani. When the series returns with Selling Sunset Season 6, these prominent cast members will surely be back for it. On the other hand, the season might also feature appearances from the loved ones of the cast members.

When Is Selling Sunset Season 6 Coming?

Selling Sunset' Season 6

The entire fifth season of Selling Sunset dropped on the streaming platform on April 22, 2022. On the other hand, US Weekly confirmed in January 2022 that the series had been greenlit for a sixth as well as seventh installment by the streaming giant. This was not a surprise as the show has gotten widespread popularity during its five seasons. 

Now, as far as the release production schedule and release date of the upcoming season is concerned, there has not been any confirmation from the official sources. However, some reports claim that Selling Sunset Season 6 may land on Netflix by the end of 2022.

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