June 15, 2024
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The Other Two Season 3 Coming To HBO Max Sooner Than You Think! Know What’s Next

The Other Two Season 3

Get ready for more quirky misadventures of the newly famous Chase Dubek and his two lag-behind siblings, Cary and Brook! Ever since the second season of the comedy series The Other Two ended on HBO Max, fans have been eagerly waiting for The Other Two Season 3. Now the release date is here, and it’s closer than you think! So here’s what we know about the series.


The Other Two follows a family of misfits and the hilariously quirky situation they often find themselves in. In the family, Cary is a struggling actor; he finds himself giving auditions bizarre roles. At the start of the show, we saw Cary preparing for the part of “Man at Party Who Smells Fart.” Then there is Cary’s sister, Brook, who is living an uneventful life and wants to do something with her life. 

The Other Two' Season 3

The younger brother Chase suddenly achieves celebrity status overnight when his music video titled “I Wanna Marry U At Recess” goes viral on the internet. With millions of admirers adoring him, news outlets have dubbed him “the next big white kid”. He hires a management staff that watches all of his operations and creates publicity campaigns to help him succeed. However, as the world only cares about famous people, when their younger brother gets famous, Cary and Brook become ‘The Other Two.’

When Is The Other Two Season 3 Coming?

Season 2 of The Other Two was released on HBO Max on August 26, 2021, with two new episodes coming every week. And the season came to an end on September 23, 2021. Meanwhile, talking about the prospect of The Other Two Season 3, we have truely delightful news for the fans of the comedy series. Just one day after the second season wrapped up, HBO Max officially greenlit the show for The Other Two Season 3.

The Other Two Season 3

While making the announcement, HBO Max’s EVP of original comedy and adult animation, Suzanna Makkos, stated, “Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider have created a sharp and poignant family story. That is willing to show its characters’ imperfections while making us laugh hysterically”. She also added, “It has been a true joy to welcome them and the cast to HBO Max. And I look forward to keeping them on hold with Brooke for the many conference calls to come next season”. As per the reports, the upcoming third season is slated to release on September 22, 2022.

The Other Two Season 3: Cast Returning

The Other Two Season 3

The main cast roster of the comedy-drama series features Drew Tarver playing the character of Cary Dubek. And Heléne Yorke appearing as Brooke Dubek. While The young brother Chase Dubek is played by Case Walker. The series also stars Ken Marino as Streeter Peters and Molly Shannon as Pat Dubek. Josh Segarra plays Lance Arroyo, and Brandon Scott Jones appears as Curtis Paltrow. 

Furthermore, viewers see Wanda Sykes playing Shuli Kucera. Andrew Rid ings as Matt, and Richard Kind playing Skip Schamplin. Then there is Daniel K. Isaac as Jeremy Delongpre and Gideon Glick as Jess. If the series returns with The Other Two Season 3, we can expect the main three siblings to return in their roles along with other prominent cast members. On the other hand, there might also be some new faces in the upcoming season.

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