April 23, 2024
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David Makes Man Season 3: Returning Soon on OWN! Know What’s Next For David

david makes man Season 3

Fans of the Oprah Winfrey Network’s drama series David Makes Man are counting the days for the return of the series. The second season ended with David on a journey to self-discovery. Now, as the release date for David Makes Man Season 3 has been announced, fans’ excitement is skyrocketing.


David Makes Man is a coming-of-age drama series that debuted in August 2019. The show developed by Tarell Alvin McCraney follows 14-year-old boy David from Florida battling poverty with his mother. While also bearing the loss of a close friend.

Will There Be David Makes Man Season 3?

David Makes Man  Season 3

The second season of the drama series David Makes Man premiered on Oprah Winfrey Network on June 22, 2021. Meanwhile, the series has been given the green light for David Makes Man Season 3 by the OWN in 2021. Meanwhile, the production of the third season began last year and has been wrapped up a while ago. The upcoming third season will have a total of 10 episodes that will premiere on OWN weekly from August 23, 2022, to October 25, 2022.

What To Expect From David Makes Man Season 3?

David Makes Man follows a young man named David who lives in the city’s poor housing developments. He is troubled by his closest friend’s demise because he depends on his mother’s hard work. Kwame returns in his thirties as a rising businessman. With the chance to make a difference in his neighborhood and the lives of people around him.

David Makes Man Season 3

In the second season of the series, there was a time jump. After which, we saw the grown version of David trying to navigate through life while also dealing with grievances from his past. David finally reunited with his long-lost friend Seren after several years. Towards the end of the second season, David was assuring his niece Trenise that if she ever felt like getting away from home, David’s door was always open for her. Meanwhile, David finally felt freedom after so long when he had an honest conversation with Gloria and quit his job.

When the series returns with David Makes Man Season 3, it will likely continue the narrative after the second season. In the season, we might see David on a path of self-discovery and learning more about himself in life, and trying to be a better man. We’ll also keep an eye on JG, Trisha, and Trenise to see how their situations play out. Their family situation becomes rather tumultuous towards the end of season 2.


David Makes Man Season 3

The cast of OWN’s coming of the age drama series features Kwame Patterson as adult David, while his teenage version is played by Akili McDowell. Meanwhile, Arlen Escarpeta appears as David’s younger brother, Jonathan Greg, and Kyle Beltran plays Seren. Also, Cayden K. Williams and Nathaniel Logan McIntyre essay the younger versions of JG and Seren, respectively.

Meanwhile, other cast members in the series include Alana Arenas as Gloria, Phylicia Rashad as Dr. Woods-Trap, Isaiah Johnson playing Sky, and Ade Chike Torbert as Raynan. Then there is Jordan Bolger as Shinobi and Travis Coles as Mx. Elijah, Bobbi Baker playing Robin. Elvis Nolasco as Tio-Teo, Nick Creegan as Desmond, Brandi Huzzie playing Trisha, and Trinity Cidel in the role of Trenise. If the series returns with David Makes Man Season 3, most of these cast members will likely be back in their respective roles.

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