April 25, 2024
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Monster Hunter 2: Will Milla Jovovich Return For Another Run? What Are The Chances?

monster hunter 2

In 2020 Sony Pictures released Monster Hunter starring Milla Jovovich in the lead role. However, the film not only failed miserably at the post-pandemic box office but was also lashed by the critics. However, the fans of the game franchise still hope that a worthy sequel can save make amends. But will there be Monster Hunter 2? Let’s find out!


Monster Hunter is a movie adaptation of Capcom’s popular Monster Hunter video game series. The film stars Jovovich as Artemis, the captain of a US military unit that is transported to a new world. This world is filled with giant creatures and terrifying monsters that they must navigate in order to find their way back home.

Monster Hunter 2

The Monster Hunter movie is different in terms of tone and narrative from the source material. The movie picks up characters from the game and puts them in a different storyline. As a result, many fans feel that the fantasy element of the film has been undermined.

Will There Be Monster Hunter 2?

The first Monster Hunter film was released on December 4, 2020. And sadly, the first movie failed to make its mark among the audience and critics. The film, made with a budget of about 60 million US dollars, could only earn 45 million dollars on Box office. But we know the potential the franchise has because of its abundance of the source material. As of now, there is no official update about the second film happening in the near future. But we should not completely rule out Monster Hunter 2.

Who Will Return For Monster Hunter 2?

Monster Hunter 2

The cast of the first Monster Hunter film features Resident Evil fame Milla Jovovich in the role of US Army Ranger, Natalie Artemis, Tony Jaa as Hunter, and Ron Perlman as The Admiral. The film also stars Tip Harris as Lincoln, Meagan Good playing Dash, Josh Helman appearing as Steeler, and Jin Au-Yeung essays Axe.

Meanwhile, the film also stars Hirona Yamazaki as Handler, Jannik Schümann as Aiden, Nanda Costa playing Lea, Nic Rasenti as Captain Roark, and Aaron Beelner portraying Palico. Since the majority of the cast members were alive at the end of the first film, we can expect them to return in the sequel Monster Hunter 2. On the other hand, there might also be some new characters in the second film, as per the demand of the story.

Monsters Hunter 2: What Could Happen Next?

The final scene of Monster Hunter indicates that the main animals can travel to the New World. Artemis goes back into her original world after a bad fall and is rescued by her military mates. Sadly for the soldiers, one of the film’s titular antagonists completely dominates them. Artemis, The Hunter, and The Admiral finish Monster Hunter by attacking a monster that has crossed across into the New World. 

Monster Hunter 2

Furthermore, a mid-credits sequence shows a mysterious creature sneaking on top of the Sky Tower. This implies that the character will play the role of the antagonist in Monster Hunter 2. The strange Tower will surely be the center of attention in the sequel. Also discussed are the lessons Artemis and company can take away from their cross-over experiences. Monster Hunter 2 will have bigger and badder monsters, and Jovovich’s character will be even more ruthless.

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