May 19, 2024
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Brotherhood Season 3: Will The Show Return On Netflix? Consequences Of The Huge Showdown

Brotherhood Season 3

The second season of Netflix’s intriguing crime drama series Brotherhood just premiered on Netflix yesterday. The dedicated fans of the show have already binged all of the second season. And now the biggest question on their minds is Who Cristina will join in the fight. The answer to the question will lie in Brotherhood Season 3. But when is it coming? Let’s find out?


Brotherhood Season 3: Renewal Status?

The second season of the series premiered on Netflix on May 11, 2022. Now, talking about the prospect of the third season. As you know, it has been only a few hours since the premiere of the second season. Therefore, it is very early to discuss the possibility of the next season. However, the second seaso concluded on a cliffhanger note. 

Brotherhood' Season 3

Thus it is likely that the story will continue in further seasons. We know that Netflix usually takes some time before taking a decision about a show’s future, and Brotherhood has been doing quite well in terms of viewership and critical feed us. So, fans can expect Brotherhood Season 3 to be renewed by Netflix very soon.

What Can Happen In Brotherhood Season 3? 

The second season of the series ended with Edson having a bounty on his head. So he decided to face Gomes’ squad, even if things turn violent. On the other hand, the climactic point for Cristina has come, and she eventually chooses whom she will support. Cristina’s decision is very crucial for her fate and that of the Brotherhood, given the inner frenzy, she has been going through since the start.

Brotherhood Season 3

When the series returns with Brotherhood Season 3, it will continue the story after the events of the second season. The upcoming season is likely to deal with the fallout of these actions. Multiple people across the board will face the consequences of the huge showdown that Edson has been planning in his head. More importantly, Cristina’s decision of who she wants to side with will be one of the highlights of the next season. Fans are hoping to see a stronger Cristina who has realized her calling.


The cast of Netflix’s crime drama series features Naruna Costa in the role of Cristina Ferreira. The actress has previously also appeared in ‘Frères de crime’ and Toro. The show also stars Seu Jorge appearing as Edson Ferreira, known for his performance in the City of God, Hermila Guedes playing Darlene, and Bruce Wexler also appear as Andrade.

Netflix's Brotherhood

In addition, other significant cast members on the show include Lee Taylor as Ivan, Wesley Guimarães appearing as Marcel, Danilo Grangheia playing Andrade, and Pedro Wagner in the role of Carniça. When the show returns with Brotherhood Season 3, we will hopefully see the return of most of the main cast members from the first two seasons. On top of that, the upcoming third season might also introduce some new characters in the story.

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