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Noughts And Crosses Season 2 Releasing Soon! Learn Plot And Cast Details!

The first season of the BBC’s Noughts and Crosses, released in 2020, garnered massive critical acclaim for its depiction of racial prejudices. As the first season ended on a cliffhanger, fans have been eagerly waiting for the Noughts And Crosses Season 2 to find out what’s next. Now the release date for the second season is here!

Noughts And Crosses is a British television drama series that debuted on BBC one in March 2020. The series created by Malorie Blackman is based on her 2013 novel of the same name. The show revolves around two lovers, Sephy and Callum, belonging from two entirely different social backgrounds.

What To Expect From Noughts And Crosses Season 2?

Sephy is the wealthy daughter of an African-American Cross politician. Callum, her childhood friend, and lover of European blood, on the other hand, belongs to the oppressed sector of society, the Noughts. Yaro threatens to undermine Prime Minister Hadley’s image in the first season’s suspenseful finale. The Minister, on the other hand, succeeds in ruining Yaro’s reputation by pinning spurious terrorist affiliations on him. 

Noughts  and Crosses Season 2

The Liberation Militia kidnaps Sephy and demands a $1 million ransom as well as her father’s resignation. He complies for the sake of his daughter. When Sephy informs Callum that she is pregnant, they reconcile. Following her father’s acceptance of their relationship, the ardent lovers left their separate homes to raise their child in peace, away from their foes.

Noughts And Crosses Season 2 may continue to highlight Sephy and Callum’s problems, who want everyone to accept their love without bringing out their racial differences. Sephy and Callum are still wanted despite their escape, especially now that Sephy is expecting a child. The two lovers will have to be extra cautious in order to stay safe. The second season could potentially show who among Jack and Jude has been hurt or killed as a result of the gunshot heard in the finale’s final moments. It remains to be seen if the creators will stick to the novel’s original ending. In the second season, Callum dies, or the characters carve their own path.

When Is Noughts And Crosses Season 2 Coming?

Noughts + Crosses Season 2

The first season of the Noughts and Crosses premiered on Peacock on September 4, 2020. Prior to its release in the Us, the show premiered on BBC One in the UK from March 5 to April 9, 2020. As the first season ended on an inconclusive note, the second season is very much likely in the cards. Fans received the news of the show’s renewal for a second season on May 21, 2021. The announcement came in the form of a Tweet from BBC Press’s handle. Now talking about the release date, Noughts And Crosses Season 2 is set to arrive on April 22 on BBC.

Talking about the upcoming second season, writer of the series Malorie Blackman stated, “So many people have asked me, ‘So what happens next?’ Now they will find out! Having read the scripts, I think I can safely say that even those familiar with the Noughts + Crosses series of books will find surprises, suspense, and so much to savour.”

Who Will Return For The Second Season?

noughts and crosses season 2

The cast of the British drama series features Masali Baduza in the role of Persephone Hadley, Jack Rowan, and Callum McGregor, his childhood friend. The series also stars Helen Baxendale as Meggie McGregor, Josh Dylan playing Jude McGregor. Also, Shaun Dingwall appears as Jack Dorn, the head of the Liberation Militia.

Meanwhile, the cast features Paterson Joseph playing Kamal Hadley, Jonathan Ajayi essaying Lieutenant Lekan Baako, and Kiké Brimah as Minerva Hadley. Moreover, other cast members show Rakie Ayola as Opal Folami and Bonnie Mbuli as Jasmine Hadley. And Ian Hart as Ryan McGregor. If the series is recommissioned for Noughts And Crosses Season, we can expect most of the main cast members to reprise their roles. In addition, there might be some new faces in the cast of the second season.

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