Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11: Nicky Fights Back, Is Mia Safe In “Bloodline”?

It seems like Nicky will be in trouble in Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11. She decided to deal with the chaos all by herself, and it left her in a daunting situation. However, she needs to open up for help. Meanwhile, the Shens family will try to deal with Ryan’s condition. He will still be unconscious, and it will continue to hurt Nicky. Keep reading to know more.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

It looks like we are edging closer to the giant battle of the ages. Nicky will be desperate to find Mia and will blame herself for everything. Her search will intensify after she learns more about Mia, and it looks like Xiao’s prophecy will come true. Meanwhile, Zhilan will work on something and soon learn about Russell Tan’s place. It will be challenging for him to discover this information. It looks like it has some connection with Mia. A battle will soon take place in Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11.

A Quick Recap!

Ryan was sent to the hospital to undergo surgery in the previous episode. Shortly the Shens reached the hospital in search of information. Nicky blamed herself for creating a fuss in Ryan and the rest of the family’s life. However, Henry tried to comfort her before his father called him. Soon someone grilled her, and she revealed that Xiao told her that Mia was in danger, so she asked Ryan to help her keep an eye on Mia, although she didn’t believe Xiao’s words. But the Shens were upset to learn that Nicky kept such information from them.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11

Meanwhile, in Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 10, Wan Zei accomplished its mission to spot the extraction ritual in Ireland. Nicky asked Henry to go and help his father. Later the doctor revealed that they had removed the bullet, but Ryan was still unconscious. The doctor further stated that Ryan had lost a lot of blood and damaged one of his lungs. Although Nicky tried to comfort the family, they were still upset with her and asked her to leave.

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11: Release Date

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11

Kung Fu Season 2 Episode 11, titled “Bloodline,” will air on The CW on May 25, 2022, at 9/8c. It will be the final episode of this season. Further, the network has already renewed Kung Fu for the third season. So fans don’t have to wait long to see your favorite characters back. Stay tuned. The Anime Daily will keep you updated.

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