March 5, 2024
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F1 Drive To Survive Season 5: Netflix Renewed The Series! Know Which F1 Stars Will Return

f1 drive to survive season 5

Netflix is home to some of the most amazing reality series. And for the racing enthusiasts, Netflix’s F1 Drive To Survive is on the top. The fourth season of the series dropped on Netflix in March 2022. Ever since, fans of the series have been waiting for F1 Drive To Survive Season 5.


The documentary series explores everything that happens behind the scenes during the Formula One World Championship and the races themselves. The show has actual race videos and interviews with the drivers, and it provides a comprehensive description of the entire racing season. 

F1 Drive to Survive Season 5: Renewed!

The entire fourth season of F1 Drive to Survive premiered on Netflix on March 11, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about the fifth season of the series, there is some amazing update for the fans of the show. Thanks to the show’s popularity, Netflix has officially renewed the series not only for a fifth but also the sixth season. 

F1 Drive to Survive season 5

The announcement came via a Tweet from F1’s Twitter handle on May 5, 2022. Meanwhile, there are no updates about the release date of the fifth season of the show. But we can expect F1 Drive to Survive Season 5 to premiere by the end of 2022 if there are no production delays.

Max Verstappen And Christian Horner’s Bond!

 F1 Drive To Survive Season 5

Since Red Bull began to dominate the Formula One championships, Christian Horner has been looking for a protégé. Christian’s treatment of Max may be compared to that of an overprotective father, which can be amusing at times. However, the cooperation appears to be paying off since Max was crowned the 2021 Formula One champion. Moments and connections like this are what make the Netflix documentary series Drive to Survive one of the greatest.

Why Man On Fire Is The Best Episode In The Series?

The episode is much longer than the others, with a length of 50 minutes, as it depicts the crash of Romain Grosjean, a Frenchman. Viewers are transported back to those tense and traumatic times via a sequence of clips. It takes the driver 90 minutes to get out of the automobile before flames consume it, but he does so successfully.

Drive to Survive

Crashes are seldom something fans cheer for. But this is an emotional journey that makes it the series’ most interesting offering to date. When Grosjean’s automobile catches fire, there is anguish and stress, but joy is also when he escapes unharmed. Grosjean admited that his inspiration is three-time champion Nikki Lauda, and he gets to confront death and survive exactly like the 1970s icon.

What Fans Love About The Show?

Any Formula 1 spectacle must ensure that the spectators can experience the force and loudness emanating from the vehicles. They are among the world’s quickest automobiles. As a result, ignoring the sound effects and editing might detract from the raw adrenaline thrill of seeing these automobiles in action. Drive to Survive has mastered this element.

F1 Drive to Survive Season 5

Many Redditors remark that the sound effects are one of the fascinating aspects of the program and that they are one of the major reasons to watch it. If Drive to Survive were a film, its racing sequences would be ranked among the finest automobile chases. This show’s sound design beautifully emphasizes the immense power that the drivers must handle at such high speeds.

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