My Liberation Notes Ep 15

My Liberation Notes Ep 15: Will Mr. Gu Give Mi Jeong A Second Chance?

It seems like Mi Jeong will have trouble dealing with her feelings for Mr. Gu in My Liberation Notes Ep 15. They have feelings for each other and want to spend time together. But their status has created problems in their life. Now that Mr. Gu has returned to his hometown, things will be quite challenging for him. Will they reunite? Well, only time will tell. Keep reading to know more.

My Liberation Notes Ep 15 Precap: What Will Happen Next?

It seems like Mr. Gu will have a tough time staying away from Mi Jeong. He quickly returns to the village at his real home and remembers her heart that belongs to Mi Jeong. She’s been his first choice and also expresses his emotions. Lately, Mr. Gu revealed that he lived in a place where moonlight didn’t shine, but in the preview, the clip shed light on the silver light shining through the window of his room.

My Liberation Notes Ep 15

Well, the ray of light shows how Mr. Gu sees the world. Now he wants to live the life of his dreams and will spend some quality time with the love of his life. He hopes that she will stay here forever. Moreover, the couple seems to have drinks while opening up their hearts in front of each other. My Liberation Notes Ep 15 witnessed some changes in Mu Jeong and Mr. Gu’s life.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, the kids dealt with the death of their mother. Hye-Suk was on her way while Je-Ho was shocked. However, after the funeral, everyone tried to move on. Chang-Hee was now settling into Gu Jr.’s role. Mi-Jeon was also busy with her work. However, her colleagues asked her about her mom’s death. She also tried to process what happened that day. As for Gi-Jeong, she was angry over the family drama and discussed how they could move on. Change-Hee talked with his friends about the futility of death and the sudden shock of Hye-Suk’s passing.

My Liberation Notes Ep 15

Back to work, Mi-Jeong revealed that her boss was having an affair with her. After this incident, she decided to take some time out that night and amend with Mr. Gu. But he didn’t receive his call, and neither replied to her messages. She even confronted Choi about his affair with Han Sun-Jin. However, things turned drastic when Mi-Jeong and Su-Jin started hitting each other. However, due to the physical assault, the two didn’t work on the same team.

My Liberation Notes Ep 15: Release Date

My Liberation Notes Ep 15

My Liberation Notes Ep 15 will air on May 28, 2022, at 10.30 pm KST on the JTBC network. The following episode will air the next day at the same time. The all-new episode airs every Saturday and Sunday night. You can also stream the show on TVING and Netflix once it finishes broadcasting on the network.

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