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Prodigal Son Season 3: Why FOX Canceled The Show? Know The Reason Behind


The crime procedural drama series Prodigal Son has been off-air for about a year now. However, the fans of this intriguing thriller series are still on the edge of their seats, waiting for the show’s return with Prodigal Son Season 3 to find out what’s next in the story of NYPD detective Malcolm Whitly. So, let’s discuss what we know about the show’s third season.

Fox network’s Prodigal Son is an enthralling crime-procedural thriller drama that debuted in September 2019. The show created by Chris Fedak and Sam Sklaver follows NYPD’s criminal psychologist Malcolm Whitly, who is the son of an infamous serial killer and also has some sociopathic urges of his own.

Will There Be Prodigal Son Season 3?

Prodigal Son Season 3

The second season of the crime thriller premiered on the Fox network on January 12, 2021, and the season came to an end on May 18, 2021. And sadly, on May 10, Fox announced the show’s cancelation for Prodigal Son Season 3. Fox cited the decreasing viewership as the main reason behind the show’s cancelation. 

After that, there were reports that the show might be picked by some other network for the third season. Initially, there were talks that HBO Max was interested in the show. However, unfortunately, nothing worked out, and the show officially stands canceled. So, fans have to make peace with the fact that it is not coming back.

Prodigal Son Season 3: What Could’ve Happened?

In the first two seasons, we have seen Malcolm’s sociopathic proclivities are the basis of his complicated relationship with his serial killer father, Martin. He is always under the fear that his violent urges might come out. As a result, Malcolm is always divided between his police job in the NYPD and the evil inside him. Malcolm’s sister, Ainsley, suffers from comparable mental instability and has even committed murder. This basic familial conflict should remain central to the narrative as it moves into its third season.

The third season also featured some intriguing cases that Malcolm investigated. Through these cases, the series slowly delved into its central theme. When the show returns with Prodigal Season 3, we may see the same pattern being followed. There might be some intriguing cases while Malcolm tried to battle his inner evil. On the other hand, there is also a chance that he might entirely give in to his sociopathic inclinations in the season. Because the program is known for its stunning twists and unpredictable plots, fans can expect plenty more shocks in the third season.

Why Do Fans Love Dani Powel?

The relationship between Dani Powell and Malcolm Bright is among the strongest on the show. Dani is a member of Arroyo’s team, and she understands a lot of what Malcolm is going through. She may not be able to comprehend him fully, but she tries her hardest and is always willing to provide a helping hand.

Aside from her prospective romance with Malcolm, Dani has everything you could want in character. She has a nice heart, she’s a strong lady who doesn’t back down from anyone, and she’s rather intelligent, even if she’s not quite on Edrisa’s level. She has also persevered in the face of adversity, which is admirable.

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