June 16, 2024
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Black Mirror Season 6: Finally Under Production! What’s Next For The Fans?

Over the past few years, Netflix has been home to some of the most amazing television series. However, there is one show that stands out in Netflix’s ocean of content, and it is Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror. The anthology sci-fi drama is unlike most things you’d have ever seen. After five glorious seasons, the show has been off-air for about three years now. But fans don’t need to worry as we have some positive updates about Black Mirror Season 6.


The dark science fiction anthology series debuted on the streaming service in 2015. The show, with its eccentric themes and thought-provoking storylines, delves deep into humankind’s dynamics with and reliance on technology.

Black Mirror Season 6 Renewed!

Black Mirror' season 6

The fifth of the anthology series premiered on Netflix on June 5, 2022. Meanwhile, talking about the next installment of the show, there has not been any confirmation about the sixth season from Netflix. But don’t let it fool you because, according to multiple credible reports, Black Mirror Season 6 is already in the works, with showrunner Charlie Brooker returning to captain the ship. 

As per Variety, Netflix is presently working on season 6 of Black Mirror. While specifics of the individual episode plots are unknown, the new season is likely to be even more cinematic than previous iterations, with each episode being handled as its own mini-film. Moreover, the reports also claim that the next season will have more episodes than its predecessor. It only featured three stories.

What Will The Next Season Be About?

Anyone who has seen Black Mirror episodes knows the series follows an anthology pattern. Thus it is almost impossible to guess what will happen in the next episodes, let alone the entire season. Each episode of the SciFi series follows a different theme revolving around different characters, but most of these episodes are centered on futuristic technology, mostly a black mirror, aka screen.

Black Mirror season 6

 Black Mirror’ frequently draws inspiration from both historical and present situations. The medical sector, the meat industry, the past and present of colonialism, and the porn industry are some of the sociological topics it might investigate. The ecological problem, cloud-based services, art and capitalism, and political conspiracies are all possible topics. The Covid19 pandemic was probably the biggest global event if the past few decades. We might have some episodes of Black Mirror Season 6 to be based on the same.

Black Mirror Season 6 Cast Details!

Netflix’s Black Mirror is an anthology series that features different cast members for each of its episodes. Over the past few seasons, the show has started some of the most high-profile actors in Hollywood, including Daniel Kaluuya and Anthony Mackie.

Black Mirror Season 6

Also, Mylie Cyrus, John Hamm, Haley Atwell, Letitia Wright, and Christin Millioti, among others. As of now, there are no confirmations about who will join the cast for the upcoming Black Mirror Season 6. However, given the show’s track record, we can expect some of the most famous actors from Hollywood to appear in some episodes.

When Is The Sixth Season Coming? Why Was It Delayed?

The sixth season of Netflix’s dark drama has been on the burner for so long. There were several logistical reasons behind the delay in the season. There was an issue regarding the rights of the creator Charlie Brooker and his partner Annabel Jones left House of Tomorrow to start their own production house. After that, the global pandemic of Covid19 hit the world. Bringing lat to almost all entertainment productions around the world, and Black Mirror was no exception. 

Black Mirror Season 6

But luckily, 2022 is the year when the streaming giant moved ahead with Black Mirror Season 6. However, even though the sixth installment of the show is currently under work, there are no updates about when it will hit the screens. Ho wever, if we are holding on a gunpoint and asked about the release date, our answer will, you can expect Black Mirror Season 6 around the second quarter of 2023.

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