May 30, 2024
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Surviving Summer Season 2: Renewed? Finale Drops Hint At Potential Return?

Surviving Summer Season 2

Surviving Summer hits a different level, and fans seem excited to learn more about the show. But will Surviving Summer Season 2 return? Well, fans have been questioning the same question. Summer left in the end, which left the story on a cliffhanger note. Will she return to unite with Ari? Well, it seems like things would be quite dramatic. But before jumping on the storyline, let’s see whether or not the giant streaming platform has renewed the show.


Created by Josh Mapleston and Joanna Werner, the series follows a rebellious Brooklyn teen named Summer Torres. Due to her nature and arrogant behavior, her family sent her to live with family friends in the small town of Shorehaven. Despite her best efforts to escape from the town, she falls in love with the place and the people out there. She also made some new friends there.

Surviving Summer Season 2: Is It Renewed?

Surviving Summer debuted back on June 3, 2022, and it’s quite early to guess whether the show could return for the next run. At the time of writing, Netflix hasn’t yet renewed the show for the second run. But no need to fret. This is because the giant streaming platform hasn’t canceled the show either. The producers and the streamer have yet to announce an official statement regarding the fate of the series. Well, Netflix had recently announced the cancelation and renewal of some shows quickly.

But the streamer usually takes almost a couple of months to announce the decision. Well, the show received mixed ratings. It received 5.9/10 on IMDb and 97% on Google. Thus it’s quite tricky to guess whether the giant streaming platform will return with the next run. However, the streaming platform has yet to announce the viewership the show has received. So let’s wait till Netflix makes an official announcement.

Will It Return?

Unfortunately, the show’s chances of renewing with the second run are quite low. It isn’t because of its ratings but because of the storyline. The ending seems like a perfect closure to the show. The kids were able to navigate their relationships and life while surfing. Further, in the ending, Summer finally returns to New York and starts living with her family. So it would be quite forceful to push the story and rejoin the kids in their older age in some part of their life. Thus chances of Surviving Summer Season 2 are quite less.

Surviving Summer Season 2

But the creator could return with a new plotline that might not revolve around these kids. It might continue in an anthology format where they would return with a new story. Else they might continue with this storyline exploring the changes in Summer’s life and how she tackles them. It would also reveal her fate and how she would reunite with her friends while navigating her adulthood in Surviving Summer Season 2.

Surviving Summer Season 2: What Will Happen Next If It Returns?

Surviving Summer Season 2

In the first season, Summer tried to settle in Shorehaven, where she met Ari, a young surfer. She mapped her plan to escape from there, but her bond with Ari became stronger. She also bonded with new teens there and enjoyed living their lifestyles. But in the season finale, Margot arrived to take her back home with her. Meanwhile, her surfing crew worked hard to qualify for the state team. Ari made a bold move, and Summer left the place with her mom. So the upcoming season could continue with her passion for surfing. Further, she would also work on her relationship with Margot. There’s also a chance that she might reunite with Ari.

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