May 29, 2024
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For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1: New Threats Will Lead To A Massive Fight, Will Explosion Take Place?

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1

The fight will continue between the United States, Russia, and private companies in For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1. It will pick up from the war, and things will be challenging in the upcoming episode. Now the crew will deal with new challenges and threats that will create a mess in everyone’s life. Will the astronauts survive the attacks by the outside force? Keep reading to know more.


For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Recently Apple TV+ has dropped a new trailer that hints at continuing the epic story about what if the Russians landed before Americans on the moon. It will continue with the cold war, and the fate of astronauts will also be revealed. Well, the battle had just begun, and now they had to fight to survive in the game. Meanwhile, Russia, the United States, and other private companies will head into a dangerous race to land on Mars. Now it remains unclear who will land on Mars first. However, it will open the door to the most dangerous historical events.

A Quick Recap!

In the previous season’s finale, the hostilities between the countries continued as they charged to stay on the moon. So the casualties in both the countries continued. It further escalated the tension between them, especially after Soviet cosmonauts occupied America’s moon base. They later killed many astronauts and left them in a vacuum after the explosion in their base. The finale later picked up after hours. The cosmonauts attempted to overrun the American moon base.

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1

Meanwhile, the remaining astronauts tried to hide out and save their base. Some American and Soviet space crew were on their way to the moon. But they had no clue that war had just begun. Apart from this, they needed to fix the unstable nuclear reactor located in the American base. However, nobody had no clue about it. The finale also left many story arcs in limbo, and it remains unclear whether the crew would survive the looming battle.

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1: Release Date

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1

For All Mankind Season 3 Episode 1 will air on June 10, 2022, at midnight on Apple TV+. The all-new episodes will drop once every week on Fridays. Due to its exclusivity, the show is only available to stream on Apple TV+. So stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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