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Why Her Ep 4: Oh Soo-Jae’s Past Will Explore, Will She Leave The Firm?

Why Her Ep 4

Professor Oh Soo-Jae will find a way to deal with the case in Why Her Ep 4. Well, she tries her best to defend herself in this case and win her position back. But it won’t be that easy. She needs to work hard. Meanwhile, Park Ji-young is trying hard to give her sister justice. She wants to see Oh Soo-Jae behind bars, but it won’t be that easy. Keep reading to know more.


Why Her Ep 4 Preview: What Will Happen Next?

Well, Professor Oh Soo-Jae managed to prove her innocence. She wants to regain her position at TK Law Firm, and it would be challenging for her to do so. Gongchan will help her reconnect with the firm. But it won’t be too easy. Why Her Ep 4 will also delve deeper into her relationship with the firm. Further, it would be hard for Park Ji-young to clear her name from this murder case and give justice to her older sister. Further, the flashbacks hint that Soo Jae wasn’t that cruel in the past. So we expect it will explore more about her past and how Gongchan will manage to bring her back.

Why Her Ep 4

A Quick Recap!

In the previous episode, Park Ji-young, Park So-younger’s sister, accused Professor Oh Soo-Jae of the murder of her sister. However, Oh Soo-Jae questioned Park Ji-young that she had no idea what her sister did and her source of income. She further added that she didn’t kill her sister. Instead, her family did this. However, Park Ji-young screamed that the Professor had killed her sister, and she had proof. Later Professor Oh showed a video to her student and asked them whether assisting suicide is a crime. After then, Gongchan stated that there was not enough proof of suicide. He also added that Professor Oh was leaving the first floor when Park Young fell. So it wasn’t Professor Oh’s fault.

Why Her Ep 4

However, Oh Soo-Jae taught her students to find more about herself as the charges of assisting suicide wouldn’t go so easily. Later Gongchan stated that Oh was looking for something and when his friends asked what was that, he stated the genuine perpetrator. After then, the students entered the TK Law Firm to learn more about Park Ji-young’s case. Gongchan stated that it was a murder case, and the real culprit was someone else who framed the Professor. Later, Park Ji-young was apprehended for her older sister’s murder.

Why Her Ep 4: Release Date

Why Her Ep 4

Why Her Ep 4 will air on June 11, 2022, at 10 pm KST only on SBS. The first season consists of sixteen episodes which air every Friday and Saturday. You can also stream the show in various languages and subtitles on Rakuten Viki. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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