Solar Opposites Season 3

Solar Opposites Season 3: Coming Soon To Hulu! Is Ethan A Reference To The Da Vinci Code? Find Out Here

It is no surprise that Justin Roiland is a genius when it comes to creating the acclaimed SciFi animated series Rick and Morty is the living testament to it. But his other show, Solar Opposites, is also gaining a lot of fans love. As the show has been renewed for Solar Opposites Season 3, fans eagerly await it.

Hulu’s Solar Opposites is an animated science fiction series created by Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan. The show debuted on the streaming service in 2020. The plot centers around a small group of advanced aliens that arrive in a little hamlet in the middle of America to figure out how to navigate the planet.

What To Expect From Solar Opposites Season 3?

Solar Opposites Season 3

At the end of the second season, viewers learn the compassionate fortune of the titular Solar Opposites. They are sad because they had life and civilization on Earth. Pupa learns that Shlorp will terraform Earth into a Shlorp homeland at some point in the season finale. There is, however, additional drama as the Solars seek satisfaction.

When the program returns with Solar Opposites Season 3, it may explore Pupa’s relationship with the Solars further. The path of which begins in the second season. As a result, we will see pulpier narratives, and the planet will undoubtedly spiral farther out of control.

Meanwhile, the next season may provide fan service, while the series may maintain its edge in order to push the human brain further. Some of the individuals have died, but those that survive must learn more about their extraterrestrial life. It will continue to undermine and mock pop culture, as it is so fond of doing.

Ethan Is A Reference To The Da Vinci Code!

Ethan Solar Opposites - Album on Imgur

In The Wall, Halk’s inquiry focuses on a psychopathic former rock climber named Ethan. He discovers that Ethan is only one of the conspirators. Where Ethan formerly linked himself with Tim and dutifully preserved his secrets. As a “god” among little men, he’s taken it upon himself to wash The Wall in his own unique way. With his bleached white hair, pale complexion, and holier-than-thou mentality, Ethan has a remarkable similarity to Silas, the albino from The Da Vinci Code, right down to the religious fanaticism and the light blue eye.

Solar Opposites Season 3 Release Date!

The entire second season of the animated series is on March 26, 2021, on Hulu. Meanwhile, a special holiday episode of the show was also released on November 22, 2021. Also, as most of the show’s fans must already know, the series has been greenlit by Hulu for a third and fourth season.

Solar Opposites Season 3

The release date was confirmed on May 17 via the show’s official Twitter handle. The announcement was made with a funny video showing Pupa gazing menacingly at the spectator before panning away to show the Yumyulack human terrarium and Jesse’s chamber with the words “Solar Opposites Returns July 13”.

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