King Of Stonks Season 2

King Of Stonks Season 2: Renewed By Netflix? What’s Next For Felix & Magnus?

The first season of Netflix’s King of Stonks ended with a jaw-dropping twist as the former legal head of Cable Cash, Alex, joined the rival Deutsche Bank. After the widely positive reviews for the first season, fans are excited about the show’s return with King Of Stonks Season 2. So let’s discuss if the show returns for the next season or not.

Developed by Philipp Kässbohrer and Matthias Murmann, King of Stonk is a German-language comedy-drama that debuted on Netflix. The show follows Felix Armand, head of the German Fintech giant Cable Cash, as he tries to steer his company through a series of hardships. 

Kings Of Stonks Season 2: Renewed By Netflix?

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The first season of the comedy series debuted on Netflix on July 06, 2021. Meanwhile, as far as King of Stonks Season 2 is concerned, Netflix is yet to address the issue. However, based on the cliffhanger ending of the first season, there are chances of the show’s return. But as we know, Netflix takes its own sweet time before giving the green light to a show. Therefore, it is still very early to talk about the show’s future. But we may have confirmation in the coming months. So sit tight and keep waiting. 

King Of Stonks Season 2: Expected Plot!

In the inaugural season of the King of Stonks’ first season, we saw Felix attempting to keep Cable Cash’s stock prices from going down further. On the other hand, The company’s stock value and its public image have been taken because of Magnus’s actions. Meanwhile, towards the of the season, Felix gained the upper hand over Magnus and saved the enterprise’s deceitful methods to come out to the public, making him the big player in Cable Cash. At the same time, Alex took over the position of the chief of Deutsche Bank.

King Of Stonks Season 2 Release Date And Story Details! -

Upon its return, Kings of Stonks will likely pick up the story from where the first season left. Viewers will see the aftermath of Alex taking over Deutsche Bank. We know that she has a lot of insider information about Cable Cash that can harm the company as she was the former legal head of the firm. The fact that Felix and Magnus won’t give up easily sets the foundation for some intriguing business strategies. Meanwhile, Felix and Magnus might carry on their egotistical search for control and influence inside Cable Cash. Sheila could decide to exact revenge on Felix in another place if his activities ruined her short-selling profession.


King Of Stonks Season 2 Release Date And Story Details! -

The comedy-drama series features Thomas Schubert in the role of Felix Armand, Matthias Brandt playing Magnus Cramer, and Larissa Sirah Herden appearing as Sheila Williams. Meanwhile, the show also stars Sophia Burtscher in the role of Alex Ericcson, Altine Emini as Sascha, and Andreas Döhler playing Tom Wieland.

Moreover, other cast members in the show include Wilson Gonzalez as Till Hermann, Ali Salman playing Fabian Hermann, and Nino Porzio appearing as Vito, among others. If the show is recommissioned for King Of Stonks Season 2, we will likely see most of the main cast return in their respective roles. Also, there might be some new additions in the cast of the second season.

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