May 19, 2024
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Love Island Season 8 Episode 36 Recap: Andrew & Tasha’s Conflict Continues, Paige Dumps Jacques!

Love Island Season 8 Episode 36

Fans were surprised by Andrew’s move toward Tasha in Love Island Season 8 Episode 36. Well, the couple faced plenty of problems following the Casa Amor. They decided to follow their head and recoupled in the previous episode. But it seemed hard for them to deal with the separation. Meanwhile, other couples were also dealing with the same matter. Will they find their true love? Keep reading to know more.


Love Island Season 8 Episode 36: What Happened In The Last Night?

A day full of drama begins in the villa in Love Island Season 8 Episode 36. Andrew and Coco were sleeping in a separate bed as well as Paige and Jacques were. Andrew ha a hard time dealing with his feelings for Tasha. As soon as the boys left the room, the girls started discussing their night with the boys.

gushed about sleeping with Billy. She revealed that Billy cuddled with her the whole night. Paige revealed that she had conflicting feelings for Jacques, while Jacques revealed that he didn’t want to lose her. Last night Jay told Cheyanne that they were only friends, which created a mess between them.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 36

The awkwardness was raised when Billy brought morning coffee, but the other boys didn’t show up. However, a few minutes later, Jacques came up with a drink, but Paige didn’t appreciate it. Later Jacques and Dami had a chat. As for Tasha, she asked Luca to return Andrew’s ring. Luca later talked to Andrew and returned his ring. However, Andrew was hoping for a second chance. Meanwhile, Dami and Indiyah were alone on the day bed. They talked about their feelings. Dami wanted her back, but Indiyah was done with it and brought up how many times he kissed Summer in their conversation.

But Dami kept on convincing her. He revealed he still had feelings for Indiyah. Indiyah revealed that she, too, had feelings for Dami, but she couldn’t suppress that. Later, Andrew cornered Tasha for a small chat. He tried to convince Tasha to give him another chance. But she refused. The following night Dami and Jacques talked about the mess they had created. Later Paige talked to Dami about her situation. Meanwhile, Jacques told Luca that he had never felt so excited to continue a relationship.

Love Island Season 8 Episode 36

Over with Dami, he tried to convince Paige. She said she wanted her space but also wanted to talk to him. Later, Luca helped Jacques to prepare a “Miss You” card which he placed on Paige’s bed. Dami told Paige about his situation with Indiyah. He revealed that he did a blunder and wanted to undo it. But it seemed quite hard for him to win her back. Later elimination round began. Jay and Cheyanne and Dami and Summer got the fewest vote. Now one of the couples would leave the villa.

Who could be? Will it be Jay and Cheyanne? Things are going to tense soon when someone leaves the villa. TechRadar247 will keep you updated. So no need to fret, and stay tuned.

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