June 18, 2024
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Blown Away Season 3: Everything To Know About The Third Season! Release Date Out

Glass Blowing is a really fun thing to watch, but Netflix carved out a successful TV from the art. That is just amazing. The first seasons of the Canadian reality show exceeded everyone’s expectations and were binged by thousands of fans. Now, the show is returning with Blown Away Season 3 later this month. So, let’s discuss what we know about it.


What To Expect From Blown Away Season 3?

Blown Away is a Canadian reality series that brings ten talented Glass blowers from all over the world each season. In each episode, the contenders are given a mission along with a deadline. These might be developing an evocative work of art or designing perfume bottles. Every show sees the elimination of one contender. Thus two contestants remain who are vying for the top spot in the season finale. The design idea, gallery presentation, and overall body of work submitted by the finalists are taken into consideration while judging them.

Blown Away Season 3

Contestants had to build their own exquisite decanters for a task from a previous season. Another approached them to create lighting fixtures. One task required entrants to build a glass body in motion after being inspired by guest judge and dancer Greta Hodgkinson of the National Ballet of Canada. Each task aims to highlight a different facet of a blower’s talent and demonstrate to the judges their true worth.

The third season of Blown Away has yet to be announced. Therefore it is unknown what fresh obstacles the contestants will face. The upcoming season may go even deeper while adding more fascinating guest judges. Although you shouldn’t necessarily hold out hope for season 3, we know that if the program didn’t come back, millions of fans would go bonkers. We can only hope Netflix delivers.

Blown Away Season 3 Cast!

Blown Away Season 3

Famous Youtube and actor Nick Uhas served as the host for the first two seasons of Blown Away. Meanwhile, lauded Canadian glass artist Katherine Gray as the chief judge on the show. With the return of Blown Away Season 3, we expect both of these celebrities will return to continue their duties.

Additionally, a unique judge with experience in various professions and a similar passion for the glassblowing craft appears in each episode of the reality series. Ten participants are in each season’s starting lineup, and they are removed one at a time based on how well they perform. The identities of these Season 3 Blown Away competitors are still unknown.

When Is The Third Season Coming?

Blown Away Season 3

Netflix released the second season of the reality series on January 22, 2021. A while after the second season’s release, Netflix greenlit the series for another season; thanks to the viewership numbers, the first two seasons were acquired. Meanwhile, on June 29, the streaming giant shared the trailer for the upcoming season along with its release date. Blown Away Season 3 will premiere on Netflix on July 22, 2022.

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