Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2

Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2: Renewed Or Canceled? Will The Kdrama Return?

Created by Nam Ki-hoon, and Jeon Yu-ri Kiss Sixth Sense is a South Korean Comedy drama series that stars Crash Landing On You famed Seo Ji-hye. The show is based on Gatnyeo’s webtoon of the same name. The first season of the series wrapped on Disney + last month. It was a huge hit among the fans, and now these fans are waiting for the show’s return with Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2.  

The first season of the Kdrama series Kiss Sixth Sense revolved around Ye-sool. She has possessed a remarkable talent since she was a little child. Every time her lips contact someone else, she has a glimpse into that person’s future. She’s not sure, though, if this vision is for the next month or several years. 

Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2

Ye-Sool loves her job as a copywriter at a marketing firm, but she hates her manager, Min-Hu. Her lips unintentionally contact Min-neck Hu’s one day, and she has a glimpse into his future. Meanwhile, Ye-sool confessed her feeling Min-hoo during an event. She then leaves the apartment after fighting with Min-hoo once more.

Will There Be Kiss Sixth Season 2?

The first season of Kiss Sixth Sense premiered from May 25, 2022, till June 29, 2022, on the streaming service Disney+. Meanwhile, we and several fans of the show have been waiting for an announcement from the creators. However, there have not been any updates about Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2. 

Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2

But fans should not be alarmed as it has been less than a month since the first season concluded. And generally, the makers like to wait for a few months to see how the first season is doing before giving the green light for the second season. Even though the show has been doing good in terms of viewership. But we should not forget that Korean drama doesn’t generally return for a second season. So fans do need to manage their expectations.

Cast Details!

The cast of the Koran romantic drama stars Yoon Kye-sang in the role of Cha Min-hoo, while Moon Woo-jin appears as young Min-hoo. The show also features Seo Ji-hye playing Hong Ye-soo, Lee Si-a appearing as young Ye-sool, and Kim Ji-seok as Lee Pil-yo. Then there is Lee Joo-yeon as Oh Ji-young, Tae In-ho as Oh Seung-taek, and Lee Han-wi starring as Oh Kyung-soo. In addition, Kim Ga-eun as Ban Ho-woo, Um Hyo-sup as Kim Hae-jin, and Im Ji-kyu plays young Hae-jin. 

Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2

Furthermore, we see Kim Hee-jeong as Kim Sa-ra, Son Eun-seo appearing as Sa-ra. If the show is recommissioned for Kiss Sixth Sense Season 2, we can expect the stars from the first season to reprise their roles. At the same time, the second season may also introduce us to some new cast members if the story demands it.

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