May 25, 2024
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The Essex Serpent Season 2: Has Apple TV+ Renewed The Show Yet? Find Out Here

At the end of the first season of The Essex Serpent, Stella peacefully passed into oblivion, which left Will devastated. But there was also a glimpse of a varmint that looked like the serpent. Many of the show’s fans took this as a hint for the show’s return with The Essex Serpent Season 2. So, let’s discuss what we know about the season.


Created By Anna Symon, The Essex Serpent is periodic gothic horror drama series that released on Apple Tv+ in May 2022. The show revolves around Cora, a wealthy widow from London, who moves to Essex to investigate the rumors of a mystical serpent.

Is The Essex Serpent Season 2 Renewed?

The Essex Serpent Season 2

The first season of The Essex Serpent debuted on Apple TV+ on May 13, 2022, and the season wrapped with the finale dropping on June 10, 2022. Now, to all the fans, who are keenly waiting for The Essex Serpent Season 2, we’d like to inform you that there has not been any official announcement yet. The show features big-time Hollywood stars like Tom Hiddleston, which is generally a positive indicator of a show’s future. Also, given that Apple has recently been on a spree on renewing so many shows, the chances of The Essex Serpent’s second season are fairly bright, but we will have to wait.

The Essex Serpent Se ason 2 Cast!

The cast of The Essex Serpent stars Tom Hiddleston in the role of Will Ransome, Claire Danes as Cora Seaborne, and Frank Dillane playing Luke Garrett. The show also features Clémence Poésy playing Stella Ransome, Hayley Squires as Martha, and Jamael Westman portraying George Spencer. Furthermore, the cast also includes Lily-Rose Aslandogdu as Naomi Banks, Gerard Kearns as Henry Banks, and Michael Jibson plays Matthew Evansford.

The Essex Serpent Season 2

Besides, Caspar Griffiths stars as Frankie Seaborne. Dixie Egerickx plays Jo Ransome, and Christopher Fairbank appears as Cracknell, among a few others. Most of the main cast members will likely reprise their roles if the show returns with The Essex Serpent Season 2. At the same time, we may also see some new additions to the cast.

What Happened To Naomi?

In the first season of the show, viewers got introduced to Naomi. She is the daughter of local fisherman Henry and Gracie’s younger sister. Naomi was shattered when she learned that her sister was dead and her body had been found near the wetlands. This affected her, and Naomi started strangely. 

The Essex Serpent

She grew apart from her loved ones and friends. She feared what happened to her sister might also happen to her. In addition, Naomi is charged by the schoolchildren with luring the serpent to their community. While looking for Will, Naomi eventually gives up and goes back home. However, Naomi is nowhere to be seen when Henry finally awakens.

The locals began a search when they found out about it. But they found Crackness’s corpse instead of Naomi’s. But as Naomi leaves Cracknell’s residence, the truth about her situation is eventually made known. Naomi was alive, and she hid in Cracknell’s home to escape the serpent. Eventually, she reunited with her father.

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