June 17, 2024
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Close Enough Season 4: Is The Show Canceled? Release Date Out

Close Enough Season 2

HBO Max’s comedy series Close Enough has made us laugh for the past three seasons. Thus, ever since the third season premiered, fans have been waiting for the show to return with Close Enough Season 4. But is it really coming? Let’s find out.


Created by JG Quintel, HBO Max’s Close Enough is an adult animated series that debuted in 2020. The show follows a couple, Josh and Emily, who has a 5-year-old daughter and live with their divorced friends.

Is Close Enough Season 4 Renewed?

Close Enough Season 4

The third season of Close Enough landed on HBO Max on April 7, 2022. Now, talking about the future of the series, we have sad news for the fans of the show. According to a recent report in Deadline, HBO MAx has decided to move ahead with the fourth season. The Official statement from HBO states, “We are so proud of the series and grateful to creator JG Quintel and our partners at Cartoon Network Studios, who made this show an instant fan favorite on HBO Max.”

Meanwhile, showrunner JG Quintel also addressed the show coming to an end on his Twitter. He wrote, “I feel fortunate to have worked on this project with so many talented people. Thank you to everyone that helped bring it to life, and to everyone who watched!”

What Could Happen In Close Enough Season 4?

At the conclusion of the show’s third season, we witness Bridgette’s struggle to confess her affections for Alex, the matchmaker’s recent conquest. Furthermore, we witness Bridgette ultimately discovering who she is and releasing the restrictions so that she may finally express her true love.

'Close Enough' Season 4

It would be intriguing to see whether Josh and Emily and Alex, and Bridgette could become friends. Josh and Emily had more fun with their new pals, who also seemed to be a typical couple. Meanwhile, it will be interesting to see what new turns the story takes if the show returns with Close Enough Season 4.

Why Do Fans Love Pearle Watson? 

Close Enough Season 4

Pearle Watson now serves as the landlord of the duplex where the other key characters live after retiring from her career as an LAPD officer. Pearle defies the image of the demanding and unpleasant landlord by developing a strong bond with her renters and providing them with dependable guidance and assistance at crucial times.

Even after leaving the force, Pearle has maintained her talents in self-defense and surveillance. Additionally, Emily and the rest of the group benefited much from the incredibly effective usage of rapid driving skills. She still comes across as very kind and compassionate to her son Randy even though he hasn’t made much progress in life. He even served as Emily and Bridgette’s mother through difficult moments.

Why Should You Watch Close Enough?

Close Enough Season 4

A wide range of comedy genres are available for spectators to savor in Close Enough, which delivers on the humor. Everyone can find something they enjoy, whether they prefer physical, dark, referential, situational, high-brow, or low-brow content.  Even though each of the main characters is humorous in their own particular manner, three characters account for most of the humor in the program. Josh is a clueless but well-intentioned father. Bridgette frequently causes problems, and Alex is an eccentric, crazy college lecturer.

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