June 13, 2024
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B Positive Season 3: When Is The Show Coming Back? Find Out Here

B Positive Season 2

B Positive is a sitcom drama series Created by Marco Pennette that debuted on CBS in November 2020. The second season of the CBS comedy series B positive saw Mrs. Ludlum leave Valley Hills, creating problems for Gina in smoothly running the retirement home. Now it will be interesting to see what B Positive Season 3 has in store for Drew and Gina. And that is why we have brought all the details about the possible third season.


What Will B Positive Season 3 Be About?

The previous season of the series started after Drew and Gina’s Kidney transplant was completed successfully. However, their professional and personal lives were going through ebbs and flow in the second season. Gina made a financial decision and invested most of the money she inherited into a retirement home called Valley Hills. 

B Positive Season 3

Gina became the new owner of the Valley Hilles. On the flip side, Drew was going through a phase of self-discovery, trying to figure out who he was and what he wanted to do with his life. Mrs. Ludlum joined a rival old age living home at the end of the second season, leaving Valley Hills behind. Her decision has consequences for Gina, who was having trouble while trying to run Valley Hills without her. In the last season finale, Gina got a business proposal on Valley Hills. On the other hand, Drew was trying to figure out whether he should travel to Alaska.

Upon its return, B Positive Season 3 will likely continue the story after the events of the previous season. The season could focus on Drew and Gina at crossroads in their lives, and both of them have big decisions to make that will shape their path in the next season. B Positive Season will also answer what is in the cards for Valley Hills retirement home. Thus, fans have so many reasons to look forward to B Positive Season 3.

Who Will Return In The Third Season?

B Positive Season 3

The CBS sitcom B Positive casts Thomas Middleditch, appearing as Drew, a therapist with a non-existent social life who is looking for a Kidney donor. The actor has previously appeared in films like Godzilla: King of the Monsters, ‘Zombieland: Doubletap’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street, etc. The series also stars Annaleigh Ashford in the role of Gina, Drew’s old friend, who offers to donate her kidney.

Furthermore, the cast includes Darryl Stephens as Gideon, Linda Lavin as Norma, and Kether Donohue appearing as Gabby. Then there is David Anthony Higgins in the role of Jerry, and Terrence Terrell playing Eli Russell. Also, Kether Donohue as Leanne and Sara Rue as Julia and Izzy G stars as Maddie. When the series returns with B Positive Season 3, we expect the majority of the main cast member to return to their respective roles. In addition, the show may also bring some new characters to the screen in the third season. 

B Positive Season 3 Release Date!

B Positive Season 3

The second season of CBS’ comedy-drama series premiered on the network from October 14, 2021, to March 10, 2022. Now talking about the prospect of B Positive Season 3, even though the show has been doing really well for the first seasons, there has not been any official announcement about the renewal of the series for a third installment. However, there is a lot more left to explore in the show in terms of narrative. 

Therefore, the chances of the series coming back with a third installment. But we will have to wait till the network officially greenlights the third season. Even though it seems like shooting in the dark at this point but we speculate that B Positive Season 3 might premiere in late 2022. 

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