Naked Attraction Season 10

Naked Attraction Season 10: When Is The Reality Tv Show Coming? Release Date Out?

There are numerous dating shows around, each with its own set of rules and twists. However, Channel 4′ Naked Attraction is unlike any other dating show. As the name suggests, the contestants are required to choose their dates completely and utterly nude. Since the last season ended in March, fans want to know about the future of Naked Attraction Season 10.

What Is Naked Attraction?

Naked Attractiont

A British dating game show on television is called Naked Attraction. The show’s catch is that a participant who is dressed chooses a possible spouse from among six nude contestants, whose bodies and eventually faces are gradually shown in each round, starting from the feet up. The decision-maker then makes himself or herself look naked to choose one of those men or women for a plot-twisting fully clothed date after narrowing the group of candidates down to two. After the date, the contestants give their feedback about each other.

Naked Attractions Season 10 Cast And Host!

British Tv presenter, journalist, and Writer Anna Richardson serve as the host for the previous season of the adult dating show. Anna is a well-known name in the British Television industry. In the past, she has also worked in several other Tv shows, including The Sex Education Show, Changing Rooms, and Secret Eaters, among others. The viewers have enjoyed her unique style of hosting, which adds more flavor to the show. Therefore, she is expected to return to continue her hosting duties in Naked Attraction Season 10. 

Naked Attraction Season 10

Also, we have some information about the contestants in the upcoming season of Naked season. The season will feature its oldest contestant yet, Ian, who is 75 years old. The season also features a gay man named Raheem, who is a dancer, among others.

Naked Attraction Season 10: Release Date

Naked Attraction Season 10

The ninth season of reality dating premiered on Channel 4 on March 2, 2022, and the season came to an end with the last episode airing on March 30, 2022. Meanwhile, to all the fans waiting for Naked Attraction Season 10, we’d like to inform you that there has not been any announcement yet about the same. We know that the show caters to a mature audience. Thus it has a small fanbase. However, the show has been famous among its fans. Thus, there is a chance for its return with Naked Attraction season 10. But viewers will have to wait for an official announcement.  

Controversy About The Show!

Naked Attraction Season 10

Due to the highlighted full-frontal nudity, the broadcast attracted several complaints from viewers. The only thing that violates Ofcom’s standards is that the program is only a dating show without any sexual activity. Thus they decided not to look into it. It is also aired after the ‘watershed,’ which is the time of day when programs aimed at mature or adult audiences are authorized.

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