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Police University Season 2: When Is It Coming? What’s Next For Seon-ho And Dong-man?

KBS2’s police drama series titled Police University has been a hit among the audience, and the show also earned favorable reviews from critics. Therefore, it is not a surprise that fans have been hoping for its return with Police University Season 2. But is it really coming? Here’s what we know about it.

Police University Season 2: Renewal Status!

Police University Season 2

The first season of Police University debuted on KBS2 on August 9, 2021, and the season continues its run on the network with weekly episodes toll October 5, 2021. Meanwhile, if you are here to find out about Police University Season 2, we sadly do not have any updates to share with you. The network has not cleared the air about the show’s sophomore installment as of now. So, we will have to wait more, till anything is confirmed about Police University Season 2.

What Will Happen In Season 2?

The first season of the show focused on the lives of several cadets and trainers of the Korean Nation Police. The cyber analysis expert Yoo Dong-man was allocated for teaching detective work in the academy. Meanwhile, Seon-ho and Dong-man accidentally crossed paths with each other while they were investing in an illegal cryptocurrency website, which appears to be connected to the murder of Seon-fiancée. Their initial interaction was not pleasant, and they did not like each other.  

Police University' Season 2

Meanwhile, there was a blossoming love story between Seon-ho, and Oh Kang-hee, who desires to be a cop. In the first season, we also see that a task force was created to look into the corruption charges at the police university. There are no updates yet about the storyline of Police University Season 2. 

Thus, we don’t know in which directions the writers will head. However, if the show does return with Police University Season 2, it will likely continue the narrative after season one. We may see the future of Seon-ho and Oh Kang-hee’s love story in the next season. Also, there might be some new recruits in the University for the second season. 

Police University Season 2 Cast!

The police drama series stars Cha Tae-hyun in the role of Yoo Dong-man. Jung Jin-young stars as Kang Seon-ho, and Krystal Jung playing Oh Kang-hee. The cast also includes Hong Soo-hyun as Choi Hee-soo, Lee Jong-hyuk as Kwon Hyuk-pil, and Seo Ye-hwa appears as Baek-hee. In addition, we have Kang Shin-il as Seo Sang-hak, Song Jin-woo appearing as Park Chul-jin, and Choo Young-woo as Park Min-kyu.

Police University Season 2

Moreover, we also see, Lee Dal as Roh Beom-tae, and Yoo Young-jae in the role of Jo Joon-woo, among several other cast members. There are no updates about Police University Season 2 as of now. Thus it is hard to tell which cast members return in their roles.

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