Industry Season 2 Episode 2: What Will Felim Reveal? Find Out Here

Industry Season 2 Episode 2: What Will Felim Reveal? Find Out Here

The first episode of the second season of Industry premiered last week on HBO Max. Evn though it has only been one episode, we know that the season is going to be a complete thrill as the time for Industry Season 2 Episode 2 is almost here,fans are eager to learn what’s next the fate has in store for the characters. So let’s discuss what we know about the episode

What To Expect From Industry Season 2 Episode 2?

After what happened in the inaugural episode of the second season of Industry, fans are curious to discover how the events will unfold in Industry Season 2 Episode 2. The coming episode is titled The Giant Squid. There is not much information available about the episode, as the network has not revealed the official synopsis or the promo for the next episode. 

Industry Season 2 Episode 2

However, we are aware that Harper’s choice to pursue Bloom rather than Felim would reveal deeper problems between her and Eric as well as the account. As Charles, Yasmin’s estranged father, unexpectedly reappears, Robert intensifies his pursuit of Nicole, and Yasmin prepares to apply for an intriguing new position.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

Episode one of the second season of Industry was titled, Daddy. After working out of a motel for a year, Harper returned to the Pierpoint offices in the episode we saw. It’s also where she meets Jesse Bloom, a new character who predicts pandemics for hedge funds. In the meantime, Celeste, managing director of Pierpoint, may have provided Yasmin with a new chance when she lost her biggest customer, Maxim.

Industry Season 2 Episode 2

Meanwhile, the episode revealed that Robert had been sober and was dealing with the ramifications in both his personal and professional life. Eric was feeling significantly more worried than normal at the moment. Due to Covid’s impact on global markets and the New York division’s dispatch of an ambassador in the guise of a cocky young professional that Eric despises, the globe is in better shape today. 

Danny informed Eric and his group that the impending merger would raise some issues for the London office. Adler is therefore encouraging them to generate incessantly. It was inevitable that one office would close. Danny cautions that it may be New York or London.

When And Where To Watch Industry Season 2 Episode 2?

Industry Season 2 Episode 2

The first episode of Industry Season 2 was released on August 01, 2022. Since then, the fans have been waiting for the next episode of the season. Now, these fans should be happy as the time for the second episode is here. Industry Season 2 Episode 2 will premiere on August 08, 2022. Fans in the United states can stream the episode on HBO Max. At the same time, for the fans in UK the episode will premiere on BBC One.

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