Suzy Friton

Who Was Suzy Friton And How Did She Die?

Among the most prominent member of the styling and closet team of UFC, Suzy Friton passed away in September 2021 after her long battle with breast cancer. Suzy, who was among the most beloved member of the UFC makeup team, has been active for more than a decade in her career. And has touched upon the lives of many UFC members. Therefore several UFC icons were devasted with the news of her death and paid their condolences. If you don’t know much about the life and death of Suzy Friton, read more to find out.

Who Was Suzy Friton?

Suzy Friton

Suzy Friton was a well-known makeup artist in the UFC. On a match night, she was in charge of giving the fighters a makeover. And she did it exceptionally well. She received an MMA promotion in 2006, which allowed her to travel to many different nations around the world. Suzy gained a lot of recognition for her contributions in UFC on Fox (2011), UFC Ultimate Insider (2012), and UFC on Fox (2013). (2012). Meanwhile, in UFC Fight Nights, Friton was the lead makeup artist for the octagon girls, announcers, announcers, and fighters. Suzy was a fan favorite on the UFC roster, and he had been with the organization for nearly 15 years.

How Did Suzy Friton Die?

Suzy Friton, the UFC’s chief wardrobe, makeup, and hairstylist, died on September 9th, 2021, after a battle with stage four breast cancer. Friton has previously battled stage two breast cancer twice until her health deteriorated in 2021. She had lost a lot of weight during that time and was plainly struggling. She had already been treated for cancer twice, with the fourth stage of her condition manifesting in 2020. While she was regularly undergoing chemo and radiotherapy procedures, cancer progressed across her liver and lungs, which made it worse. Suzy was previously featured on Marcus Deegan’s videotape, where he discussed her cancer’s enduring struggle.

Suzy Friton

Friton changed her treatment to a more holistic approach since she believed that all of the western procedures were making her condition worse. Friton looked to benefit from the treatment as she gained weight. However, the disease had progressed to the point that it could no longer be treated. As a result, it took the adored makeup artist’s life in September 2021. Jon Anik, a UFC commentator, initially reported the specifics of her death.


Suzy Friton was a prominent stylist and makeup artist who has worked in UFC for several years and did makeup for several UFC wrestlers and ring hosts. However, her career as a UFC stylist began in 2006 as a member of the UFC cosmetics group’s beautician team. Suzy was a part of UFC’s extreme battle night in 2006, and UFC wired in 2007. Meanwhile, Suzy joined the closet team in UFC in the year 2008. 

Suzy Friton

In 2015, she was also a member of the UFC Embedded video blogs. She was also dressed for the UFC25 years in 2018. Suzy was an active Instagram user who shared numerous photos of herself and her loved ones, as well as clothing and styles. She also felt the need to share details about her cancer treatment. She currently has 26.1k followers on Instagram. Her Twitter account, which has 1639 followers, was also active.

Suzy is already suffering from her disease, and she is concentrating her energies on getting better. Suzy was deemed single because she had no romantic relationships. She kept a lot of her personal information to herself and was very secretive. In any case, she had many friends in the MMA industry, both rivals, and personnel, who helped her cope with her sickness.

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