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Rick And Morty Season 6: Theories That Will Shock You! Release Date Out

Very few animated shows have managed to achieve the cult status that Rick and Morty have gained. The SciFi animated series follows the quirky duo of an alcoholic and narcissist grandfather, Rick, who also happens to be the smartest man in the universe. And his teenage grandson Morty, with insecurity and anxiety. The fifth season ended with Evil Morty preparing to escape Central Finite Curve. Now, fans have been biting their nails in anticipation of Rick And Morty Season 6. But till the release, let us take a look at some of the speculated theories for the upcoming season of Rick And Morty.

Jerry Is Beth’s ‘Morty’?

Rick has kept Morty around since Season 1 to balance out his genius waves. We’ve also learned that Beth is just like her father as the series progresses. So who negates Beth’s brilliance?

You, like a Reddit user, speculated this is headed. Jerry may be Beth’s Morty, the moron who is always at her side and whose primary job is to hide her from adversaries. It’s unlikely that Beth is using Jerry in this manner on purpose. She seemed to care for him on some level. However, Rick’s willingness to put up with Jerry’s least favorite Smith family member could be explained by his daughter’s need for protection.

Rick And Morty Season 6: Beth Only Dies When Rick Stays!

RICK AND MORTY Totally Reframed Morty's Role in Rick's Life - Nerdist

The fifth season episode titled “Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort” made a shocking revelation. While Rick joined forces with Birdperson’s recollection of his previous self, we learned about Beth’s tragic fate in multiple timelines. Rick’s cohabitation with Beth also makes him one of the “scary” Ricks who lives with his dead daughter.

This insight sets up an intriguing potential dilemma. Beth, as we know her is furious with her father for neglecting her. Perhaps the only universes in which Beth survives are those in which her father abandons her. With Beth’s death, the rest of his stay comes to an end. Rick’s abandonment might be considered at least partially a loving deed if this is the case. But, given how likely it is that those Beths perished as a result of an enemy or a blunder on Rick’s part, that generosity can only go so far.

Ricks Who Chose Beth And Diane Are Now Vulnerable To Other Ricks?

Why Rick Had to Abandon Beth! Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 8 - YouTube

Another intriguing notion regarding the multiverse and the Central Finite Curve has been circulating among the fans. Some fans, like Reddit users, believe the Curve did not only divide Ricks from everyone but rather “all the realities where Rick is the brightest Megalomaniac in the cosmos from all the ones where he isn’t.”

The user goes on to speculate that Ricks like C-137, who choose to stay with their households over research, have been separated from the more harmful super genius Ricks, such as the one who murdered his family. The Redditor believes that those families are in jeopardy now that the prison gates have been opened.

There Will Not Be Much Interdimensional Travel In Rick And Morty Season 6

At the end of Season 5, Rick’s portal pistol was empty, leaving Rick and Morty stranded onboard the Mortyburg ship with all of the recovered Mortys. With Evil Morty stealing all of the portal fluid on the Citadel. And prior episodes hinting it’s hard to come by, necessitating “bootleg” fluid stated in “The Ricklantis Mixup,” viewers are concerned that Rick and Morty may be unable to gateway anywhere for some time.

A Redditor predicts that we won’t see much inter-dimensional traveling for a time in Rick And Morty Season 6. And that we’ll see more standalone episodes instead. Rick may not only be short on supplies, but he may also be reluctant to portal anywhere due to the Central Finite Curve fracturing.

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