May 21, 2024
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Love Island Season 4 Episode 27: Joe Splits Isaiah And Phoebe, Leaving Sydney Glad!

Love Island Season 4 Episode 27

Sydney has seen a lot since the Casa Amor, and she will continue to face struggles in Love Island Season 4 Episode 27. Phoebe wants Isaish’s attention, and she doesn’t want to share him with anyone. But her head will turn soon. Will she leave Isaiah? Well, it doesn’t look like though. But one thing is clear Isaiah will have conflicting thoughts and finally make up his mind. Will he go with Sydney? Let’s see!


Love Island Season 4 Episode 27: What Will Happen Next?

The following episode will focus on Sydney. Well, she knows how to win Isaiah back quite well, and he wants to recouple with Sydney too. So she will pull him for a chat to talk about her feelings and how much she likes him. Sydney will also tell him that she plans to go on her knees, which will melt Isaiah’s heart. Perhaps the pair will share a hug which will upset Phoebe. So she will give Joe a chance. Joe is already interested in both Bella and Phoebe, and now that Bella is gone, he can go with Phoebe. Soon the recoupling round will begin, and Isaiah and Sydney will be back.

Love Island Season 4 Episode 27

A Quick Recap!

Previously in Love Island Season 4 Episode 26, a new boy named Joe entered the villa. Now Kat, Sydney, and Joe were single. But Joe was interested in Bella and Phoebe. That affected Isaiah, who was keeping an eye on the pair. As for Chazz, he pulled Phoebe for a chat, and they both kissed. Soon after sharing a kiss, Phoebe told Bella everything about their kiss, which pissed Bella off. It drove her crazy, and she had a heated conversation with Chazz. But Chazz assured her that he wanted to stay with her only, and it was just a friendly kiss. But after hearing Chazz’s words, Bella started showing her interest in Joe. Soon they got a text for the pie game.

Love Island Season 4 Episode 27

Isaiah and Chazz received the most pie smashed on their face. Well, Isaiah did wrong with Sydney, and Chazz kissed Phoebe despite being with Bella. Later Joe and Bella kissed, and he married Bella in the game. It was Timmy’s turn. He gave a nice speech before going down on his knees. He asked Zeta for marriage. Later that evening, Sarah entered the villa with the couple’s voting result. Sydney, Kat, and Joe were safe as they were the only single in the villa. Apart from them, Timmy and Zeta, Jeff and Nadjha, Deb and Jesse, and Isaiah and Phoebe were also saved. However, Chazz, Bella, Jared, and Chanse left the villa. After watching Jared leaving the villa, Kat decided to leave the villa too.

Love Island Season 4 Episode 27: Release Date

Love Island Season 4 Episode 27

Love Island Season 4 Episode 27 will air on August 17, 2022, at 9 pm ET. The US audience can stream it on Peacock. The all-new episodes air every day except Mondays. The UK audience can watch in on Now. Stay tuned. TechRadar247 will keep you updated.

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