June 13, 2024
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Dr. Brain Season 2: Has Apple Tv Renewed The Series? What Are The Chances?

Dr. brain Season 2

The first season of Apple Tv’s genre-blending sci-fi thriller series Dr. Brain was released on the streaming service in November 2021. The show created by Kim Jee-Woon is based on a webtoon by Hongjacga. It has been making heads turn with the first season and has created a lot of buzz among the fans regarding Dr. Brain Season 2. So, here we bring for you everything we know about the possible return of the series.


What To Expect From Dr. Brain Season 2?

Towards the end of the first season, viewers saw that Sewon, Tamil, and Jiun managed to enter Dr. Myung’s secret establishment. They discovered that he was ready to transfer his mind into Do-Yoon’s body so that he could control his body. Meanwhile, Jiun was chasing down the Fixer as Sewon tried to enter into his son’s brain and forcefully ousted Dr. Myung from there.

They were able to come to the physical world just in time before the device created by Dr. Myung was destroyed. We learned that Jaeyi is an embodiment within Sewon’s mind. The season concluded with Dr. Myung apparently materializing from Sewon’s consciousness. Also, now he possesses the powers that were synced with Sewon’s brain.

 'Dr. Brain Season 2

When the series returns with a potential Dr. Brain Season 2, it will continue the story after the nail-baiting events in the first season finale. In the second season, we may see Sewon acquire telekinetic powers that the incarnation of Dr. Myung currently owns. The season may also show us Sewon coming to the United States to learn more about the elusive helper of Dr. Myung. On the other hand, the upcoming season may also center Secretary Yoon on a quest to have his revenge after what happened to his boss in the first season.

Dr. Brain Season 2: Release Date

Dr. Brain Season 2

The first season of Dr. Brain premiered on Apple Tv+ on November 10, 2021, with the season finale airing on December 10, 2021. Meanwhile, in regard to Dr. Brain Season 2, neither the Apple TV network nor the show creators have given any indications of the series’ renewal for a second season even as of now. However, the success of movies like Parasite and Netflix’s Squid Game are the testimonials that the popularity of Korean content has only gone upwards in the past few years all around the globe. 

And since Apple Tv is a relatively newer streaming service, we are positive that it will also be interested in adding some Korean content to its roaster to attract more audience. Hence we expect Dr. brain Season 2 to get renewal soon. But fans will have to be patient till there is any official confirmation.

Who Will Return?

Dr. Brain review: A mind-bending sci-fi thriller for Apple TV+

The cast of the South Korean thriller series features Lee Sun-Kyun in the role of Sewon, Moon Sung-Keun playing Dr. Myung, and Lee Yoo-young appearing as Jaeyi Jung. Meanwhile, the show also stars Park Hee-soon as Kangmu Lee, Seo Ji-Hye playing Lieutenant Jiun Choi, Lee Jae-won as Tamil Hong, and Teo Yoo essays Secretary Yoon. 

Moreover, in the cast, we see Mina An as Yoojin, Jung Si-on playing Koh Do-Yoon, Lee Joo Won as The Fixer, while Um Tae-Goo can be seen as Tae-Gu. Most of these cast members are expected to return when the show comes back with Dr. Brain Season 2. The series also features Jung Si-on, Lee Joo Won, Park Hee-soon, Lee Yoo-young, Moon Sung-Keun in other roles, all of whom are presumable dead at the end of the first season. So, the chances of them coming back are not bright.

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