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Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13: How Will The Codys Escape From Prison?

The epic journey of the Cody family in the sixth season is approaching its end. Meanwhile, as the season is reaching its conclusion, fans have high expectations from the finale. With Cody boys planning to break out of the prison, it’ll be interesting to find out how things unfold in Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13.

What To Expect From Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13?

The upcoming season finale of Animal Kingdom Season 6 is titled Fubar. As the show is heading into its season finale, the Cody Boys must devise a grand escape now. Deran bids the bar farewell as Pope might provide details on an unsolved crime in exchange for a prison transfer. J may also make arrangements with Penny in the episode, Craig may decide to go with Renn, and Nick and Smurf may discover Julia’s dishonesty. 

Along with Andrew committing the original sin that ruined the family, the episode may also include the Cody lads starting their most difficult profession to date. Meanwhile, the network has also revealed the synopsis of the episode. The summary says The Cody boys embark on their most dangerous job yet; Andrew commits the original sin that destroyed the family.

A Quick Recap!

The twelfth episode of the sixth season of Animal Kingdom was titled Exodus. In the episode, plans were being made to free Pope from jail, and everything appeared to be proceeding as expected. J secretly gave Pope a tracker during a visit, which he subsequently implanted in his stomach. Craig and Deran attempted to take advantage of their last few days in Oceanside by visiting the beach. 

Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13

In an unexpected turn of events, it became clear that J was betraying his uncles. He forced Penny to alter one of the trust’s pre-notarized documents. Now he could use the money whenever he wanted. In addition, a flashback clip showed how cruel Smurf was to Julia. She ejected her daughter from home and made sure Baz wouldn’t assist her when she inevitably cried out for assistance. Without any other options or a place to live, Julia fell deeper and deeper into heroin addiction.

Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13 Release Date And Streaming Guide!

Animal Kingdom season 6 episode 13

The second last episode of Animal King Season 6 premiered on August 21, 2022. Meanwhile, after waiting for a week, the time for the upcoming season finale is almost here. To all the fans waiting for the Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 13, we like to inform you that the episode will premiere on August 28, 2022. Fans can catch the broadcast on the TNT network at 9 pm PST. Meanwhile, if you miss the broadcast, don’t worry because the episodes will be accessible for streaming on Netflix. 

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