May 26, 2024
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The Ranch Season 9: Will It Ever Return? What Is The Controversy Around Danny Masterson?

The Ranch Season 9

The Ranch has been one of the most famous sitcoms for Netflix since its debut in 2016. The eight-part of series came out in January 2020. Since then, fans have eagerly looked forward to The Ranch Season 9. However, it has been two years since we heard anything regarding the show’s future. There have been a series of rumors in the past two years regarding the show’s return. So will Colt and Rooster Bennett return for the ninth season? Keep reading ahead to find out!


The dramatic sitcom is set on the fictional Iron River Ranch, near the fictional town of Garrison, Colorado. The show follows the lives of the Bennetts, a dysfunctional family comprising two brothers, Col and Rooster, their father Beau, and their mother Maggie, who also owns a bar. COlt is depicted as a kindhearted but stupid person who drinks a lot. Meanwhile, Rooster is quite smarter and better at the ranch work than his brother.

Image: Netflix

The series ran for 80 episodes over the course of four years. The Ranch features a number of actors from “That 70s Show,” which played a massive role in the show’s popularity and viewership over the years. Fans have done all they can to bring the shoe back for another installment, including an official petition online.

The Ranch Season 9: Will The Show return For Another Season?

Netflix decided to conclude the eight-part long sitcom in January 2020. The news came as a big surprise for the dedicated fans, who wanted to see so much more of Colt, Rooster, and the Bennetts. The show also has an overall rating of 7.5/10. Thus, ratings or viewerships were not the main reason behind the show’s cancellation. 

Fans became more active when the show moved to CBS. They filed an official petition urging Netflix and CBS not to end The Ranch. The move led to the rumors that the showrunners are planning to end The Ranch with season 9. However, the efforts were in vain as the stars had decided to move on and feature in other projects. Thus, the ninth installment will not be returning for now.

Image: Netflix

Ashton Kutcher Opens About About The Show’s Future:

The show’s lead cast member, Ashton Kutcher, who portrays Colt Bennett, expressed his views about Netflix’s decision. Ashton was an important member of “That 70s show’s” cast and appeared in “Two and a Half Men.”

While talking to TV Line last in 2020, Kutcher revealed that the story’s of the show’s characters had been told, and he enjoyed every bit of it. He also shared that the cast members knew it was time to wrap up and had opportunities to find their next gig. Referring to Two and a Half Men, Ashton revealed his previous experiences of the shows that keep going. He felt that it was time for everyone to move on as the show came to a conclusion. So, as per Ashton Kutcher, fans will not get to see The Ranch Season 9.

The Ranch Season 9
Image: Netflix

 However, the final decision on the show’s future always depends on the network. Thus, if Netflix and CBS decide to go ahead with the ninth season in the future, fans will get to see it. Unfortunately, rape allegations against one of the stars, Danny Masterson, had also played a crucial role in the show not going ahead for another season. Fans would be eagerly hoping to see the rebirth of The Ranch, which might continue telling our favorite character’s stories somewhere in the future. 

Who Was The Cast Of The Ranch?

Ashton Kutcher portrayed Colt Reagan Bennett, the youngest sibling of the Bennett family. Colt is a former star quarterback who has played for a lot of top league teams during his high school. He is a heavy drinker who is not known for his thinking skills. Moreover, Danny Masterson appeared as Colt’s elder brother Jameson “Rooster” Bennett. He lived and worked on the ranch while colt was away playing football. Rooster took up the familys’ responsibility while his brother pursued his career. He is much smarter than Colt and a skilled ranch worker. 

Moreover, Debra Winger depicted Maggie Bennett, Colt and Rooster’s mother, who also owns a local bar. In addition, Sam Elliot appeared as Beau Bennett. He was Maggie’s ex-husband and the brothers’ father.

Image: Netflix

What Is The Controversy Around Danny Masterson?

That 70s Show and The Rach star Daniel Masterson was charged for raping three women between the years 2001 and 2003. The rumors around Masterson came up in 2017, and the actor is currently standing trial, facing up to 45-years in prison.

Recently, Masterson was denied a motion to dismiss the criminal rape case against him on Tuesday, February 8. Los Angeles County Judge Ronald S. Coen shot the motion filed by Masterson’s defense lawyer, who alleged that Judge Charlaine F. Olmedo made critical errors while hearing the testimony of the rape accusers nine months ago. 

The lawyer claimed that Judge Charlaine improperly resolved the alleged inconsistencies in the woman’s statements. However, the judge decided to rule against Danny Masterson, and the trial is bound to move forward. Mattherson is accused of drugging the victims in his Hollywood home and then raping them in an unconscious state.

Danny Masterson

The Ranch Season 9: Will It Ever Return?

Given the current circumstances, it is highly unlikely for the show to return. Moreover, Netflix decided to conclude the show in 2020. the actors have also moved on to work on other projects, and it has been two years since the last part came out. Thus, as much as the dedicated fans want the show’s revival for The Ranch Season 9, it does not seem a practical possibility as of now. So, stay hopeful and keep returning for more informative news updates only on

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