Today's Webtoon Episode 13

Today’s Webtoon Episode 13: What Next For Ma Eum In The Coming Episode?

It has been a week since the twelfth episode of the quirky Korean drama series premiered. In the episode, an article about the director of the Webtoon came out that tarnished the reputation of them both. Meanwhile, now, fans are waiting to find out what will happen in the upcoming Today’s Webtoon Episode 13. So let’s discuss everything we know about it.

What To Expect From Today’s Webtoon Episode 13?

Ma Eum enters her first job that is unrelated to athletics after having a difficult time overcoming fate’s ultimate barrier between her and her destiny. It did not seem as challenging as it is to her to work in the editorial division of a webtoon company, and regret is undoubtedly holding her back. Things gradually look more positive as they catch up with the surroundings.

Today's Webtoon Episode 13 Rel

Although Ma Eum’s romantic life wasn’t given much attention in the previous episode, it does depict four men staring in utter awe at her as she sat still. It’s possible that Ma Eum and her suitors will have more screen time in Today’s Webtoon episode 13. Ma Eum, Ji Hyung, and Jun Yeong might potentially form a love triangle. The webtoon team’s efforts to prevent an artist from quitting will also be depicted in the episode.

Quick Recap!

The previous episode of Today’s Webtoon was filled with chaos. Following Jun Yeong’s remark that he can’t entirely trust the director to give him the data, tension is beginning to develop between him and director Heo. After much deliberation, the Neon webtoon team learns that Dae Ryuk’s Weapon Feeb has been accepted for adaptation as a web drama.

Today's Webtoon Episode 13

Goo Jun Yeong, despite everything, finally acknowledges his affection for Ma Eum, who has been by his side. When he witnesses Ma Eum drinking coffee from the same cup as Ju Hyung one morning, the knowledge hits him hard. But there is no further information regarding our leading couple shown. The article on Director Heo was published at the episode’s conclusion. The webtoon team is portrayed negatively. The truth appears to be concealed, and the artists want to know what’s going on behind closed doors.

When And Where To Watch Today’s Webtoon Episode 13?

Spoiler Today's Webtoon episode 13

The twelfth episode of Today’s Webtoon premiered on September 3, 2022. After one week-long wait, the next episode of the Kdrama series is almost here. We’d like to inform the fans who are waiting for the next episode. Today’s Webtoon Episode 13 is set to schedule to release on September 09, 2022. Viewers can catch the premiere of the episode on SBS TV at 10 pm KST. At the same time, the episode will also be available on the Viu app.

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